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Is Your Creative Ready For The Big Game?

A well-conditioned team will soar
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This is a unique time of the year. The holidays are starting to fade into memory, resolutions are still intact, and the warmth of spring is still too far in the future to focus on. So what does MRI have on its mind right about now? Football, of course. The big game. The clash of the last two teams standing, ready to put those helmets on once more this season while all the other teams are walking up to the 18th green. As welcome as a round of golf might be for those players after a long and grueling season, however, do you think they’d rather be the ones putting those helmets on once more? Without a doubt.

That notion brings a very particular thought to the minds of your friendly neighborhood marketing gurus here in the Creative department -- every casino brand wants to be the one playing in the big game but, unfortunately, few actually get the opportunity. As we sift through redesigned client materials to launch throughout this new year, we’re reviewing and evaluating our clients’ creative work as we go, making sure it’s still powerful and on point. As you probably guessed, that process got us thinking.

Obviously, keeping casino players engaged in a brand and message through print, digital media, and any other channel is critical for success. But how can casinos improve their chances of being the ones playing in the big game and leave the competition on the golf course? Creative plays an essential role in that particular equation, so we’ve collected a few ideas to help you organize and analyze your ideas to prepare for a thorough, no-holds-barred sit down with a creative expert. Use these ideas to help transform your creative into a unique, powerful, and enduring asset that keeps you in the game and off of the greens.

Choose a Good Coach

Just like any component of operations, a marketing strategy requires deliberate planning and a forward-looking perspective to meet its goals, particularly when it comes to utilizing creative in your message. For that reason, MRI has prepared a list of items and concepts to consider as you take a look at your marketing creative to see if new designs are called for, a rebranding, new messaging, or anything else to revitalize your brand and put a fresh bounce in its step.

However you review your creative to reinvigorate your marketing, though, the following conversation starters will prove to be invaluable for maximizing impact. An open and honest conversation about your marketing creative with professionals could very well influence your brand’s success in the coming years.

Discussion Points To Consider Before Developing New Creative Direction

Does your advertising:

  • Accurately portray who you are and all that your casino offers?
  • Match customer perception?
  • Depict the customer experience in a way that resonates as honest and authentic?
  • Have a unique voice in your marketplace?
  • Present messaging relevant to your target audience?

Are you:

  • Validating your loyal customers’ decision to choose your brand of fun?
  • Achieving your casino’s business goals?
  • Attracting new gamblers?
  • Bringing back current and old customers?

Having these discussions and organizing the feedback will help make the next step, your creative meeting, as productive as possible. Aside from those points, also be aware of your frame of mind before and during the meeting. Open and honest conversations aren’t always pleasant but, as the casino industry itself often demonstrates, brands that are open-minded, willing to reverse course when needed, and can make good on marketing miscues often end up on top.

Let’s Draft The Creative Playbook Together

As for your meeting with creative specialists, click the following link and consider some of the example items listed on our questionnaire, and use it as a helpful guide throughout your conversation. Hit a range of topics like these, and you’ll walk away with targeted insights on your brand, your creative, how they work in conjunction with one another and, most importantly, what you can do to improve your marketing impact.


Don’t Waste the Opportunity

Striving to be the last brand standing at the end of the season is an ongoing process. If the old ways weren’t working as well as you hoped, it’s time for reinvention, to change paradigms, break loose from shackles, and really see what your brand is capable of. Creative plays a pivotal role in that process, breathing life into your marketing, engaging your target customer base, and separating you from the pack. A well-informed creative team is empowered to produce effective and thoughtful creative that should grab the viewer’s attention. And once you have that attention, messaging must stay relevant to retain that crucial, irreplaceable attention.

Convene a team meeting and take the opportunity to sit down and discuss a comprehensive creative strategy that transforms your brand and success. Be sure to make the necessary changes to your creative and branding that will let your brand soar. Your customers need to know what makes your casino unique with creative that invokes excitement, fun, and everything your brand strives and stands for. Remember, this year’s final game might already be upon us, but with the promise of a new one just around the corner, hope truly does spring eternal. Now get to it.

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