Creative Briefs
Let’s Draft The Creative Playbook Together

As for your meeting with creative specialists, consider some of the example items listed on the following questionnaire and use it as a helpful guide throughout your conversation. Hit a range of topics like these, and you'll walk away with targeted insights on your brand, your creative, how they work in conjunction with one another and, most importantly, what you can do to improve your marketing impact.

Direct Mail:

Have you:

  • Investigated economical approaches to get the most out of your print budget?
  • Evaluated mailing programs; do they address the customer life stages effectively?
  • Scheduled a new photo shoot?

Outdoor Advertising:

Does it:

  • Present relevant and unique messaging with clear calls-to-action?
  • Need a reprint to freshen up sun-soaked designs?

Digital Marketing:

Are you:

  • Using your digital communications (website, app, email campaigns, social media) with the same specificity (or more) that you do with direct mail?
  • Updating content calendars regularly?
  • Using codes, offers, etc. to their optimum use?
  • Crafting relevant messages and tailoring for each of the different platforms?
  • Comparing your online presence to your competition's?
  • Pulling customers into the brick and mortar casino?


Does it:

  • Function properly?
  • Present accurate information?
  • Need an SEO audit?
  • Deliver actionable data on the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX)?
  • Need a redesign based on a review of web, browser, and/or device usage stats?
  • Provide gamblers CRM tools they need such as a Player Account Area?

Email Marketing:

Are you:

  • Receiving actionable data and tracking effectiveness?
  • Performing thorough QC across all email clients (i.e., Gmail, Outlook, etc.)?
  • Seeing a return on the cost?
  • Sending redeemable offers to minimize the need for costly print mailings?

Mobile App:

Do you:

  • Have a mobile app that gamblers will use?
  • Have one that is customized to your casino's needs?
  • Need an upgrade?
  • Use it to deliver offers and messages digitally instead of using costly print mailings?
  • Drive older customers towards using it as a primary communication method?
  • Know that they work correctly on the latest iOS and Android devices?
  • Use it to deliver up-to-the-minute information, offers, geo-targeted messages?
  • Own the dialogue™?

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