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Executing Your Digital Marketing Agenda

Posted on Jun 24, 2015 in Casino Marketing Comments

So you’ve made the plunge and gone digital with your marketing efforts on the web and social media. You’ve discovered the e-mail blast and you have a shiny new website and Facebook® page ready to start bringing new eyes to your message and hopefully, to your property.

Now all that needs to be done is to maintain it, analyze it and track your results. And, of course, you have to find the people in-house who can do that as well as update the pages and keep tabs on whether they are even working and that you haven’t been plagued by a software crash.

Simple enough, so here’s a quick rundown of a typical agenda to check on for your digital marketing efforts and web page.

First, order some nice bagels or croissants.

Next, you’ll need an overall view of how the sites are running and performing. Then review any upcoming ads or projects—such as videos or graphics—that need to be implemented soon.

Make sure ads and promotions are being scheduled and rotated through. Are the key messages you want to get out being given priority?

Follow that up with a complete review of the web analytics that track use and users—your potential new customers.

How’s the SEO (search engine optimization)? Are you getting high placements on searches? Does Google even find your page? Are the keywords working or do you need to revamp the whole thing?

Next, what pages and listings on the pages are attracting the most interest and hits? What aspects of the page need to be punched up to get more user hits? What is working and attracting eyeballs and what’s just kind of sitting there?

And of course, who is looking at the page? What demographics are you drawing in? What are new visitors interested in compared to what your traditional customers are focusing on?

What devices are the users looking at the page from? Are they using PCs, or—as is the recent trend—mobile devices? Does the page fit these formats, or do you need to rework its look and user-interface?

Next, how long are users staying on the pages? It’s called the bounce rate, and if most viewers are clicking to another page within a second or two of finding your page, you’re going to have to start reworking the interface, graphics and video component to keep them interested.

Who did you put in charge of content again? And do you have people who can shoot video? Or edit and upload it?

And someone should make sure the user interface is user-friendly, inviting and easy to use. Nobody likes a complicated website.

Next check social media. Is the Facebook page being updated regularly and driving traffic back to the website? Are you getting likes? Are you being followed?

Next, a report on the overall health of the site is in order. Are the internal links working and driving traffic? Do the images look good? Does the video? Are they all in the right place? Are the graphics and sound files still viable?

Does anyone know who is in charge of all this?

We’re going to need more croissants.

An exaggeration? Not really.

A website is anything but a static thing. Your webpage is the most up-to-date and specifically targeted platform of your entire marketing strategy.

A digital marketing strategy also easily outdistances the more traditional e-mail blast and print ads many casino still depend on. Those efforts still have value, of course, but no medium in marketing provides more immediate feedback on what your customers are looking for and are most interested in than the web. Your website conducts its own marketing research every day.

Here at Marketing Results, we have a host of tools at our disposal to track and maximize your analytics, raise your site’s placement on web searches and monitor the overall site for performance and effectiveness. Our agency can provide everything from supervision to maintenance and even video (and yes, we know how to film, edit and upload it).

Of course, bringing in any agency to conduct part of your business requires funding and the results can take a while to justify the expense. You’ll need to state the objectives and goals you want from your digital marketing strategy and then we’ll work towards them.

We can help you decide what you can live with and what you can’t on your budget, but also help you work towards implementing that wish list for the future. And most of all, we can help you find the best way to use digital marketing to get the one goal we all have—new customers.

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