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AIM Reinvents Casino Marketing for the Digital Age


If the casino industry is anything, it’s unique. Sitting somewhere near the intersection of entertainment and hospitality, casino operators and managers depend on an intense connection with their players, a bond and accompanying sense of trust that separates casinos from other enterprises. And while the benefits of such a connection are many -- player loyalty at the top of the list -- getting to that point can seem like a herculean task for many casinos in this digital age, at least when they’re relying on the ill-fitting tools.

That’s not to say that emotional bonds and trust aren’t important to other industries. For casinos, however, they’re indispensable. Without them, casinos will perpetually struggle to carve out market share and distinguish themselves from the pack. Naturally, that’s where using the right tools, especially when it comes to a CRM solution, plays such a pivotal role. Thankfully, for operators looking for a CRM that streamlines and opens a dialogue between a casino and each of its player segments, AIM® (Advanced Intelligence Marketing) is the solution they’ve been waiting for.

The Right CRM Makes All the Difference

MRI's AIM® is the right CRM tool for casinos, made specifically for the industry and its unique demands. Too many operators rely on CRM platforms built for a general audience, lacking the targeted functions needed to develop those crucial emotional connections and trust from a player base. AIM® is built by casino marketers for casino marketers, and that makes all the difference in a marketplace filled with look-alike CRM solutions.

It’s the product of decades of research conducted in the trenches of the industry itself, stemming from countless conversations with casino operators, managers, and staff, targeting what they need from a CRM solution. With AIM® Advanced Intelligence Marketing, we took those insights and merged them with the specific, targeted technologies to create a CRM platform that transforms casino marketing for the digital age.

Informed by relevant player data, propelled by analysis, and delivered through an intuitive user interface, AIM® puts the power of information in the palm of a manager’s hand. Want to know what will bring in a specific player segment? Or maybe which particular promotions to use and when to use them to maximize your ROI? What about directly communicating with your players to improve engagement and build relationships?

That’s where AIM® Advanced Intelligence Marketing shines, helping you, the casino operator or manager, understand the specific affinities that appeal most to your player base. And once you allow it to breathe new life into your marketing, both your players and bottom line will appreciate the difference.

Three Powerful Engines Under a Single Hood

Remember the days when your word processing, spreadsheet, and other essential business software were all under separate roofs? From copying and pasting between them on a constant basis, the process was inefficient, prone to errors, and frustratingly cumbersome.

With AIM® Advanced Intelligence Marketing, we recognized that casino marketing needed a unified, cohesive tool that seamlessly combined critical marketing functions into a single, convenient solution. It’s simple yet powerful, instinctive but insightful, and gives casino marketers the digital tools they need to understand their players and communicate with them within the digital environment.

Database Analysis

It’s difficult to develop sound marketing strategies when you don’t know whom you’re strategizing for. AIM® Advanced Intelligence Marketing’s Casino Database Analysis collects and analyzes vital player information for each of your player segments. In doing so, it allows you to gauge performance against historical values and benchmarks, and identifies trends in your player base.

With instant reports within a single user interface, measure how many players are in your database today versus last month, last year, or five years ago. See where your new players come from, what life stage they’re in, and which campaigns will best engage them. Alternatively, our Database Analysis also identifies where your campaigns are missing their mark, locating shrinking segments to help you pivot when needed and alter your message to maximize impact. Ultimately, you’re judged on growth, both in revenue and players, making our Database Analysis an essential resource for insight and guidance.

Direct Marketing Management

An active marketing campaign isn’t the time to fly blind. Whether you’re launching a new campaign or retooling an existing one, you need to be able to measure your effectiveness. Maybe you’ve started a new 30-day campaign and want to gauge its ROI to see if you’re realizing the expected response. If you’re falling short, you might want to add a focused direct mail component to your efforts to boost your results.

AIM® Advanced Intelligence Marketing’s Direct Marketing Campaign Management gives you the agility needed to make those decisions, see where your campaigns are succeeding, where they’re missing the target, and what’s needed to maximize engagement. Assembling a campaign built around a sporting event, for instance, is streamlined and efficient, letting you establish a budget and find the ideal mix of message and cost to optimize your ROI. With integrated creative for speed and flexibility, our Direct Marketing Management helps ensure you’re always positioning yourself to fill rooms and seats, get players onto the floor, and drive your revenue, no matter the circumstances.

Player Development

Whether a high roller or an occasional player, each person that walks through your door is an opportunity to maximize your ROI relative to their player segment. Likewise, each of those players gravitates towards the personal touch that distinguishes your marketing from everyone else. The rub, of course, is a finite number of resources to go around -- so many hours in the day, staff members to devote, and attention to distribute across your player base.

With AIM® Advanced Intelligence Marketing’s Player Development, you can make the very most of those limited resources, segmenting your audience into groups that you assign to your team. Think of it as a digital, marketing-oriented concierge for player segments of your choosing. For example, you identify a particular segment through our Database Analysis that have recently spent 50% less in your casino than before.

Our Player Development module lets you create a personalized experience for those player segments, using comped rooms, show tickets, buffet vouchers, or whatever promotions best appeal to those players. Through integrated email messaging customized to your campaign’s specific needs, your team can create a voice that is personalized and engaging for every player segment, allowing you to leverage the technology and your team’s skillets in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

AIM® Advanced Intelligence Marketing isn’t a CRM solution that expects you to contort your marketing and operations around a rigid framework like so many other CRM solutions in the marketplace. Instead, it flexes itself around your particular demands, built exclusively for the casino industry and its needs, all within a single seamless solution. AIM® Advanced Intelligence Marketing is a better way to analyze your business, engage your players, communicate, and maximize your ROI in this digitized marketing environment.

Contact us for a demonstration and let us show you just how powerful a difference maker AIM® Advanced Intelligence Marketing can be for your casino marketing and operations.

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