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Why Email Marketing for Casinos is a Sure Bet

Why Email Marketing for Casinos is a Sure Bet

Why Email Marketing for Casinos is a Sure Bet

While email marketing isn’t the new kid in the digital marketing game, it’s still outperforming other online marketing methods such as social media and paid ads.

Personalization is Key

Email is still the most viable means of maintaining a consistent connection with customers through personalized, highly targeted messaging based on demographics, likes, and interests. Email marketing is especially effective in the gaming industry.

The most successful casinos today are using email marketing to engage customers and drive traffic to landing pages promoting not just gaming but concerts, entertainment, tournaments, and hotel or restaurant deals. This type of messaging contains persuasively written-copy, images, and links that are all designed to entice potential visitors to make the trip and enjoy a night out.

Traditional Interruptive Advertising is Passé

Unfortunately, many casino operators are still wasting time and money targeting the ever-shrinking newspaper, television, and radio audience. In an era where the ad-averse can easily avoid commercials altogether, all while the industries themselves are charging more for ad space/time as a means of basic survival, it’s very hard to achieve a true return-on-investment anymore with traditional advertising.

Even the old standby of casino marketing, the eye-catching highway billboard, is less effective than it used to be. People are on the go with a destination in their travels. Due to market saturation, very rarely is the casino “the” destination anymore, so a detour to the casino isn’t typically in the cards.

A Perfect Union

The fact of the matter is email marketing has always been a winner for casinos. Whereas other businesses have to come up with clever ways to collect customer information such as email addresses, casinos have the opportunity to collect an email address from any patron that gets a player’s club card to earn redeemable points as they gamble. This makes it relatively easy for casinos to populate a contact list and implement an email campaign.

Mobile Friendly Email Marketing is Critical

With nearly half of all emails sent today being opened on smartphones, it’s important that casinos utilize mobile optimized email marketing. Emails should be concise and easy-to-read with single column formatting and a clear call-to-action.

Be sure to split up your contact lists by interests and demographics to ensure the content you’re emailing is relevant and interesting. This will help reduce opt-out numbers and get you more from your email marketing campaign. Watch open rates and link clicks to assist you with future targeted campaigns. There are simply no limits as to what a successful email marketing campaign can do for a casino.

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