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iPhone Anniversary: 10 Years Later, Gaming Finally Unlocks Its Rewards

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It was only 10 years ago that Steve Jobs unveiled the Apple iPhone, an icon of innovation that has literally transformed the way the world does business.

Besides cutting the phone cord, and reducing the size to fit in anyone’s pocket, the iPhone brought sophisticated and intuitive touchscreen technology to everyday communications. From 1.4 million iPhones sold in 2007 to over 90 million users in 2016, the world was forever changed and never looked back. 

Even in gaming. 

Before the iPhone, there were touchscreen communication devices, but most of them required keyboards or other input devices. Users could tap the screen on occasion to make menu selections, but most of the interaction happened on tiny, plastic keys. When it came to gaming, people used tiny trackballs or styluses to play and engage. The features were limited and so was the pleasure.

So the public demanded more. People wanted to play games on their new mobile phones. With its fine-tuned touchscreen sensors, more capable speakers, and the ability to play music and vibrate under winning conditions, the iPhone opened the door for exciting gaming experiences. 

That was great for all the players and gamers who want entertainment fast and rewarding games at their fingertips. But what about the casino options? 

Today, mobile technology is delivering a great leap forward to those of us in the casino industry as well. As a complement to traditional marketing practices, mobile casino marketing technology provides instant incentives, instant play, and instant rewards to its players, along with instant feedback and tremendous cost-saving opportunities for casinos. With almost 90% of mobile users spending their time on a mobile app rather than the mobile web, the need for multichannel marketing strategy is obvious. 

With the immediate and measurable results that are built right into the technology, you can develop precisely targeted campaigns with the data you capture from your players. For example, at your fingertips, you’ll have numbers about seat availability for an event, and at the timing that suits you (like now?), you can launch promotions targeted to your best players. 

And that’s just the beginning. The cost savings of converting some of your outreach to a mobile platform, along with its accompanying marketing programs, will likely bring you a 15-20% increase in profitability.  As your players convert to mobile dialogue, the need for print and postage will decline. The mobile dialogue occurs in real time and operates on a 24/7/365 cycle, removing the shackles of 1990’s style marketing from 2017’s marketing departments.    

Everyone wins. 

Now that’s something to call home about.

After decades of researching players’ wants, Marketing Results has developed Ovations, a mobile app that helps casinos win loyal players, expand their reach, reduce costs, and market smarter than ever.

Learn more! Contact us for a free demonstration today.

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