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Casino App Hits the Jackpot for Casinos and Players Too

Casino App Hits the Jackpot for Casinos and Players Too

Building casino loyalty, engagement and foot traffic just got a whole lot easier. 

And cheaper. 

Marketing Results' new Ovations mobile app provides casinos with an entertaining, responsive portal, delivering more fun and more engagement to than ever to their customers.

At the same time, casinos can leverage the ever-present cellphone to enhance loyalty by keeping their brand front and center in the minds of their players.

The benefits to the bottom line are unprecedented. 

The two-way dialog of an app surpasses the one-directional efforts of direct mail campaigns, simply by launching a relationship that can continue to grow. And the digital opportunities are also cheaper. Direct mail efforts usually require a lead-time of several weeks along with the ever-increasing expenses for print, paper, and postage. The Ovations app delivers an almost instant handshake with your players — with zero print, paper, or postage costs. You can even segment markets, attract a specific market slice, and send attractive promotions about a last-minute opportunity happening that same day. 

Here’s the math. If you normally send out 100,000 letters at $1 each, and even if only 15% of your customer base were converted to the app, you would see a potential cost savings of $15,000 every month thereafter. That’s as easy as it gets.

Marketing Results also works with casinos to create a mobile app that supports the casino’s brand and positioning most effectively. The casino selects a design and format that best fits their brand.  

Ovations provides useful and important features for players. They can review their Status levels (such as Gold or Platinum), see a progress bar of the points they’ve earned, learn about real-time offers, and more. The players can enter drawings for prizes, large or small, without having to fill out a piece of paper or deliver a form to a physical location. And of course, they can be instantly notified if they’ve won the day’s drawing. 

Marketing Results is an affiliate of MGT, Inc, an international promotional kiosk company to integrate Ovations into their vast network of casino touch-screen kiosks, which are already rolling out across the country.

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