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Better Communication Yields Better Results

A number of player development department directors report that their hosts are great about bringing in their dependable players, but often lack the tools and time to identify new business opportunities. While it’s critical to keep your best customers happy, equally important is consistently attracting new clients who are profitable for your casino.

Strong player development managers don’t stop at outlining their expectations—they lead by example, listening to their staff and working with them to form reasonable goals and ways of achieving them. Our Advanced Integrating Marketing (AIM®) software was designed specifically with this dialogue in mind. AIM® offers objective measurements to motivate hosts and show successes of the player development department by individual team member and collectively as a group. Our software lets you build goals based on all types of play and behavioral factors – ADT, total win, frequency, players contacted, reactivated players, defecting players and much more. Managers can also provide performance analysis to justify player development budgets.

Within AIM®, hosts have access to functions designed to create contact points for a wide range of players. They can see which of their players have not visited in a while, and which players they have not communicated with recently. The marketing team can supply player lists to hosts for VIP events and offers. Hosts also have access to record and understand player interests. The AIM® contact management system tracks each host-customer relationship, allowing you to see where you are improving and specific growth, as well as those individuals being overlooked.

Simply put, AIM® provides player development executives the solution to structure and measure the department; empowers hosts with numerous touch points to contact a wide breadth of players; and provides casino executives the financial analysis to show how player development efforts are performing.  The foundation of player development is to build loyal relationships with profitable customers. With AIM®, you get there quicker with better information to advance the relationships…and your revenues.

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