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Staying a Step Ahead Through Campaign Response Analysis

AIM Campaign Analysis

Anyone working in casino marketing knows that much of our workday gets devoured by details that never make it onto the daily calendar. The schedule says “mailing drop date,” but there are always a dozen delays. Once one project is out the door, the relentless past-due to-do list is waiting. Putting out small fires often takes more time than tackling the five-alarm blazes.

Too often we’re forced to jump into the next campaign before fully analyzing the previous campaign’s return rates. This is perhaps the most important step to ensuring future success. Often, time constraints force casino marketers to send all of their players the same creative rather than splitting customers into segmented tiers to test and determine which offer drove the best responses.

With Advanced Intelligence Marketing (AIM®) informative Business Intelligence guides you to improved campaigns with reinvestment that makes as much sense to your customers as it does to your finance department. AIM® is designed for easy-to-use campaign construction, and since it’s always updating with the most current data, you no longer have to wait until the end of the month to view your campaigns’ effectiveness. Only AIM® software provides campaign post-analysis with the click of a button. This lets you react in real-time so marketers can manage supply and demand that shifts daily in your casino.

Marketing Results developed AIM® many years ago and we still use it daily to empower our clients’ marketing. We designed it to enable you and your staff to increase profits while decreasing your workload. Take AIM® for a test drive; it will change the way you view customer relationships, staff management and reinvestment.  AIM® increases efficiency at every step of the process.

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