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AIM Database Marketing

One of the most persistent and ongoing challenges of the casino industry is the proliferation of new competition. The days of one casino owning the market simply by being the only option around are gone. When you integrate the understanding of geography and competition into your casino marketing strategy, you can start shifting more market share to your company. That’s what a good database marketing tool can achieve for your property, and that’s what Marketing Results has been developing and honing for the past 27 years.

New competition requires a significant adjustment to your marketing strategy both before and after their arrival. New businesses are going to start strong - that’s the inevitable nature of the industry. But after consumers satisfy their curiosity, they’ll settle with the casino where they’re most comfortable.

That’s where AIM® comes in.

The approach of offering the same campaign to every market is no longer viable. AIM® simplifies both the database analysis and the creation of campaigns for battleground areas.  This starts with identifying performance and opportunities of areas around your casino using database analysis. The analysis templates in AIM® are designed to effectively transition to an actionable marketing strategy. From there, you can create segment-specific direct marketing campaigns. Market segments can be created by zip code, city, state or distance from the property. Finally, post-campaign analysis measures the effectiveness of these strategy changes. 

Strategies for dealing with new market conditions are wide-ranging, but AIM®  supports them all. Sometimes it’s reaching out to players who have declined in frequency but have not yet defected completely. Other times it requires increased advertising or reinvestment in markets taken over by new competition. A tactic as simple as extending the booking window of a complimentary hotel stays can yield massive returns. Use AIM®  to analyze your data and be proactive in growing market share, no matter who else is fighting for it.

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