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Spoiler Alert: Be warned that Game of Thrones spoilers lie ahead. If you haven’t watched the series, certain references to the show in this article might spoil any future enjoyment.

“Money buys a man for a time, but a bolt in his heart buys it forever.” — Petyr Baelish

After six glorious seasons, Game of Thrones is drawing to its dramatic conclusion. What a ride it’s been. Jon Snow has died and been reborn. Tyrion Lannister has become the “Hand of the Queen”, only the Queen in question is a Targaryen — sworn enemies of the Lannisters. Cersei has the Iron Throne, but Daenerys Targaryen is on her way to take it for herself.

The stage is set for an almighty conclusion to what has to be the most ambitious TV show ever made. Finally, we’ll see who will rule the Seven Kingdoms. Oh… and we’ll also see winter finally arrive in King’s Landing. And we all know what that means!

HBO’s sensational series has captured hearts all over the world. The show’s enormous scale, budget, and stellar cast have given us something very special. However, Game of Thrones has perfected the art of surprise. Be honest: didn’t you shriek with shock when you watched “The Red Wedding” episode? Surely your heart skipped a beat when Jon Snow was betrayed by his brothers at the Wall. And who didn’t gasp in amazement at the jaw-dropping “The Battle of the Bastards” episode?

And that’s the beauty of this incredible TV series. We’re treated to these iconic moments when we least expect them. These are moments that are made all the more special because of the dynamic that exists between the main protagonists. The Starks, the Lannisters, and the Targaryens all have a shared history, yet they couldn’t be more different.

The Starks, for example, ruled the North with compassion, earning respect through the fair treatment of citizens. The Targaryens, on the other hand, were great warriors, and they kept their subjects in line through raw fear and awe. And then you have the Lannisters: shrewd political operators who forge alliances to further their power, wealth, and influence.

These contrasting styles make for fascinating watching. And when you think about it, this facet of the Game of Thrones story is a commentary on what is happening in the world today. Countries and their leaders have very different styles of governance. Some develop almost personal relationships with their citizens, while others rule with an iron fist.

But what all three families have in common is their ability to analyze situations in order to make informed choices. Tywin, Cersei, Daenerys (with her hand Tyrion Lannister) and Jon Snow are all analytical thinkers. They’re playing the ultimate game of chess, carefully calculating every move to ensure they maximize their chances of taking the Iron Throne. Using data from their many advisors and counselors, these fearless leaders formulate strategies accordingly.

Which Game of Thrones Character Personifies Your Approach to Casino Marketing?

I suppose you might think of Tywin, Jon Snow, Cersei, Tyrion and Daenerys as the ultimate casino marketers. They’re all attempting to influence their citizens in order to earn their loyalty, trust, and obedience. Instead of citizens, you’re dealing with casino customers, whose loyalty must also be earned.

Are You Tywin?

Take the Red Wedding, for example. We all initially thought that the killing of Robb Stark, his wife, and his mother was a simple act of revenge by Lord Walder Frey. We later learned that Tywin Lannister was behind the plot. From hundreds of miles away, Lannister was able to analyze the movements of the Starks, and execute them by proxy. This bold act required planning, communication and, of course, analyzing the data at hand.

While you’re not executing Kings and their families as a casino marketer, you are continually analyzing data to keep your customers happy. Loyal and happy gamblers are the lifeblood of any casino, so giving them what they want — before they know they want it — is essential. Just like Tywin Lannister, you need to use data in order to see the bigger picture. You can then plan your strategies accordingly.

Are You Jon Snow?

If you’re the Jon Snow of casino marketing, your focus is on earning the trust and undying loyalty of your customers. Through the good times and the bad, you’re always there to give the people in your casinos what they need. Jon Snow also has a proud history of negotiating with or defeating larger armies — whether it’s the Wildlings or the Boltons. How does he do this? Well, through a combination of heart, trust and sheer bravery. He may not be the most analytical of thinkers, but the King in the North knows how to get the most out of relatively meager resources.

Are You Cersei?

Cersei Lannister is as cold and calculating as she is brilliant. She’s spent years learning about the intricacies of politics and plays the Game of Thrones better than anyone. Cersei has been forced to show incredible patience to get where she is — although she’s also had to make many sacrifices along the way. She uses people as commodities, making enemies and allies when it suits her and her family’s quest for power.

Cersei represents the brute force approach to casino marketing. Yes, she’s an analytical thinker, and she’s ruthless to a fault, but her actions are all planned meticulously. Where she differs from Jon Snow, Daenerys and Tyrion, however, is in her willingness to destroy anyone in her path. When Cersei makes a move, it’s big, it’s brash and it’s designed to leave the competition permanently incapacitated. You only need to look at the rubble that was once the Great Sept of Baelor to know how far Cersei will go to achieve her goals. This is a risky strategy, but it delivers maximum rewards. 

Are You Tyrion?

Tyrion Lannister has always struggled for attention and recognition from his father. Of course, Tyrion eventually murdered Tywin for his brutal cruelty, but not before saving King’s Landing from Stannis Baratheon’s invasion. The constantly belittled brother of Jaime Lannister was able to analyze the data available to him in order to destroy half of the invading fleet with Wildfire. This took a huge amount of planning, as well as detailed knowledge of both King’s Landing and sea-based warfare.

While you won’t need to repel thousands of marauding soldiers from the roulette tables, knowing your customers the way Tyrion knew King’s Landing will help you to defend your business. Rather than give them discounts and copycat offers that deliver short-term returns, give your customers a reason to be loyal to your casino business. Just like Tyrion, assess the big picture by analyzing the available data. 

Be the Daenerys Targaryen of Casino Marketing

And then we have Daenerys Targaryen, who has had the biggest journey of all. Despite being a young woman in a male-dominated world, she has become a powerful queen, with the army of the Unsullied and three dragons by her side. She has earned respect through her compassion, and her devotion to free will. The people by her side are there through choice, which makes them powerful allies.

If Daenerys were a casino marketer, she’d always put the needs of her customers before her own. She’d earn loyalty and trust through a combination of well-designed offers and honesty. She’d also earn trust through her strength, and her unrivaled knowledge of human nature. Daenerys regularly gives her subjects a private audience — listening closely to casino customers and acting on what she learns would give her businesses a huge competitive edge over rival casinos.

If you want to emulate just one of the fearless leaders in Game of Thrones, consider Daenerys Targaryen. She understands what motivates and drives her subjects, and she uses this knowledge to keep people happy. Every person in Daenerys’ charge is there because they want to be, which makes her position of power more secure than any of her Game of Thrones rivals.

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