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Go Digital Now

Only a decade ago the world of advertising communications operated in a relatively finite universe of channel options.

“Analog Media” is a term defined as “monologues”. It includes outdoor, radio, print, and TV. In a monologue, you were speaking but you really weren’t certain your audience heard you and you certainly could not hear them. Communications were like yelling through a bullhorn wondering if the sound made it through the stadium. Sales occurred but accurately predicting and tracking response required algorithms, added skill sets and expenses.

Analogue communications were the norm for the past century and while they generated business, it was difficult to truly understand the cause and effect.

Then came June 29, 2007…

Apple introduced the highly anticipated smartphone and immediately launched the arms race for smartphone supremacy. Erik Qualman in his book “Socialnomics” claimed that those who embraced the social media world would dance on the graves of those who did not.

To address this challenge and find the best solution for casino operators, we went to the source: gamblers. We talked to the best players. We talked to the new players. We talked to players who stopped visiting. We talked to customers who thought about visiting, but hadn’t. But more importantly, we listened and we haven’t stopped.

What did we learn?

Players expounded on the features and uses of their smartphones to make their lives easier. They told us privacy, real time responsiveness, access to hosts, offers that can be redeemed through their smartphones, and the ability to see progress updates to achieve higher tier levels were at the top of their uses.

We then asked our gaming clients how they wanted an app to work for their management teams.

Topping their list was instantaneous feedback when players were on or near the property, quick analysis to identify special gambler segments, the profitability of campaigns and rapid dialogues through push notifications plus text, email and phone communication channels.

From both player and casino operator research, we developed Ovations, our white-labeled casino player loyalty mobile app that captures all of these features and more.

So why is it so important to shift mobile marketing into high gear now?

Players can now respond instantly to your casino and hotel offers. Your demand is measured and future campaigns can target an audience large enough to match your supply. Have a 1,500 seat event to fill? You know how many seats are filled at any point in time, and now you can put the best players in the best seats by targeting your digital campaign even faster.

Okay, maybe everyone doesn’t have a smartphone.

But the stellar boost in engagement you’ll achieve through digital marketing means that if you convert just 15% of your database to digital you’ll enjoy unprecedented postage and print savings every month. You will open instant dialogues with your best players….and you know they love being heard.

Time and money are often referred to as the same commodity. Using digital marketing, you’ll have more of both. Creative can be completed in a few hours. Campaigns can reach your players in seconds of being deployed.

If you have a theater, restaurant or event that’s not fully booked, your mobile app will reach players 24/7/365. And with geo-fencing you can attract players in close proximity to your property.

As the line between entertainment and advertising blurs with digital media, you gain the advantage. You can control supply and demand, target your markets more intelligently, save money, save time and satisfy the best customers request and you’ll Own the Dialogue™.

Click here for a free demonstration and we’ll take care of the rest. 

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