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5 Marketing Secrets of the Most Effective Casino Loyalty Apps

5 Marketing Secrets of the Most Effective Casino Loyalty Apps

The average mobile app loses 76% of its users on the first day after it’s downloaded. If there's anything to learn from this statistic, it's the following three facts:

  1. Your app needs to be better than average.
  2. You've got exactly 24 hours to get your customers’ attention.
  3. There are way too many apps in the app stores and on your customer's phones. See fact #1.

Your casino loyalty app won't drive results if your customers don’t use it. You want to be one of the four apps the average smartphone user opens daily. But what's the difference between casino apps that stink and the ones that earn loyal users?

There's more to casino app engagement than push notifications, a solid social media strategy, and incentives – though these tactics play a critical role. Your organization needs to emulate the world's best gambler loyalty apps.

1. Create a NEED

Nearly all casinos are now offering a mobile app; however, they may not offer the functionality players are looking for, and thus have little value for customers. Your app needs to be the exception, and offer value and deals your gamblers can't get anywhere else. When value meets great design, yours could become the one casino app your customers love and need.

Offering exclusive content can compound the exclusivity of your app. By letting your guests unlock bonus offers with loyalty, you can make your app worth chasing.

2. Generate Personalized Offers

What's the difference between content people LOVE and pushy marketing? It's relevance, delivered through personalized content. Statistics reveal digital marketers using customers segments to create personalized offers get 26% higher content views and 760% higher revenue.

Some of the leading casino apps offer personalized deals based on a users' purchase history. Customers may receive a discount on entertainment tickets after booking a room or discounts for retail purchases at their favorite stores. With offers your customers really need, you can build serious loyalty.

3. Make Push Notifications Worth it

Push notifications can increase app engagement by 88% or more. Being the one casino app that uses push notifications correctly can draw the right kind of attention to your special offers and events.

Your players may not want notifications every hour; however, they do want to know if you're offering a free daily slot tournament or dining specials. Push notifications get the highest response between noon and 5pm, Tuesday through Friday.

4. Make Frequent Engagement Worth It

What if you offered play-like features with an opportunity for your players to win more rewards? There's an opportunity for casino mobile apps to offer rewards for users, including dining offers, spa credits and show tickets. Studies reveal that the optimal rate of user engagement for a business app may be about twice per week to prevent customer app abandonment

5. Offer Convenience

What’s more convenient than putting your casino right in the pocket of your most valuable players?  Not only does a mobile app provide your players with a single resource for information, it can include their available direct marketing offers without having to wait for the mail to come.  Allowing your players to view and redeem offers from their mobile app isn’t just convenient – it saves time AND money.

In Summary

If you're anything like me or the rest of the adults in the United States, you touch your smartphone 2,617 times each day. Why not direct a little bit of attention toward your casino brand? As your competitors increasingly adopt mobile apps, the secret to retaining daily users is pushing the bar. With higher quality personalized content, more enticing push notifications, a super-convenient checkout process and a little bit of mystery, you can offer the best mobile loyalty app experience with no exceptions.

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