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Let Us Introduce You


Let Us Introduce You

At Marketing Results we truly believe that what makes us special are our people. Our results are driven by those that are on the inside, servicing our clients and keeping our brand thriving. 

These people, our employees, are at the center of it all. Our team is always striving for more. They believe in bettering themselves and bettering their work, through refinement and incremental changes that when accumulated - make a big difference on delivering results. 

Each month the MRI blog will highlight an employee. We’ll introduce you and cover who they are, what they do for Marketing Results, and more importantly, what makes them tick as seen through their passions outside of work. 

Let us introduce you to…

Meet Michelle. 

“Raising, training – owning horses takes a lot of commitment, dedication, and focus. I like to think I bring that to Marketing Results as well.”

Michelle is the Accounting Director. She’s been with Marketing Results for 13 years and specializes in ensuring that the business runs in the most efficient way possible, and balancing the ledger.  “I enjoy numbers, making things balanced and focusing on meeting the deadlines that come with my position.”

Outside of work, Michelle works on her balance in other ways. She, with her husband, raises and trains barrel horses. Barrel racing is a timed event that requires a very skilled horse and rider to complete a cloverleaf pattern around three barrels without knockin a barrel over. The pair of horse and rider that ends their run the fastest, wins. 

Believe it or not, there are parallels between barrel racing and accounting. Practice equals peak performance - on the job and on a horse. “With any kind of training or teaching, consistent practice and constant repetition are key. You’ve probably heard of the 10,000-hour rule. This states the key to achieving true expertise in any skill is simply a matter of practicing, in the correct way for at least 10,000 hours. It’s never as simple as this, but we try to stick to this philosophy,” said Michelle.  

Michelle chooses to work at Marketing Results for a reason, “I like the small office environment. We’re all pretty close and you don’t feel like just a file number, like you might in a big corporation. We all want to succeed, see the company succeed so we back each other, push each other. We have the same goals even if we’re in different departments and I enjoy the camaraderie.”

“As a rider with a 1,200-pound animal, staying calm and focused is essential to keeping them and yourself safe. We have a wide variety of different kinds of horses. From the laid-back, trustworthy to the young, anxious and nervous horses. We also have horses that are more of a push style and those that need a lot of rate or whoa. Remembering which horse you are on is crucial.” Michelle’s explanation of the different personalities of the horses is much like the different personalities of her colleagues in the office, or dealing with outside partners.  

With any career, Michelle feels commitment, scheduling, meeting deadlines and sticking to a routine are crucial. “Our horses rely on us to provide for them; making sure they are fed, watered, doctored, etc. It’s a constant commitment. They depend on us to stick to a routine. We have to meet certain deadlines for entering barrel races and make sure appointments are scheduled for veterinary needs, shoeing, and hay/grain delivery.”

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