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Looking Back at NIGA 2006 Direct Mail Presentation - Part 2


National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA) Moderated by: Craig Border, Senior Account Executive, Marketing Results, Inc. (Updated: Vice President of Database Marketing.)

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Get Creative & Production On Same Page

  • Limitations For Design
  • Color Issues, Stock Laserability
  • Personalization
  • Postal Discounts; Automation
  • Aspect Ratio/Weight

Timing, Timing

  • Establish Schedule
  • Assets, Data File, Coupon Matrix, Data Processing, Initial Design, Final Approval, Print Completes, Laser Proofs, Postage, Delivery to Post Office, Arrival in Home
  • Know Deliverability in Target Area
  • Test Drop
  • Drop Ship?

Who's Your Data?

  • Don't Run Too Soon
  • Establish a Proofing/QC Process
  • Offer Versions
  • Test Offer Barcodes
  • Marketing Database
  • Evaluate Response

What You Can Measure You Can Improve...


Data-Powered Building & Maintaining Customer Relationships

"Gamblers are Promiscuous!"

Gary Loveman, CEO, Harrah's Entertainment

Build Relationships through DATA...

  1. GET Data
  2. ACCESS Data
  3. USE Data

1. GETTING (Good) Data

  • Your Players' Club program should be great and the center of your universe – ENROLLMENT & UTILIZATION!
  • Create ways to tie to all systems (POP, golf, hotel, etc.)
  • INTERNALLY MARKET so your staff understands and sells
  • Accurate data entry, and then maintenance (NCOA, dupes, etc.)

Your data can MAKE or BREAK your relationships with your customers.

2. ACCESSING Data (Easily)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems

  • Powers your segmentation, targeting, customization
  • Keeps you targeting your REAL best guests

3. USING Data (Effectively)

Your customers are NOT all equal. (80/20)

  • The best must become your focus.
  • Give them more reasons to be loyal to YOU.

Why Segment?

  • Group like guests to target and customize appropriately
  • Speak about what THEY care about – BE RELEVANT
  • Different segments (worth, location, frequency, games, tier, etc.) need different offer values, valid periods, messaging
  • Achieve strategic intent of each campaign/event/effort
  • (Generate incremental visitation, right players in for single-day event, recover slipping players, increase length of stay, simply reward, special occasion feel-goods, etc.)
  • Yield manage inventory (floor, rooms, event seats, etc.)

How much to Segment?

  • Walk before you run – start small, test, refine
  • Limit # of segments to what you can DO with them
  • (Segmentation's easy, but more planning, more production, etc.)
  • The sky's the limit – can get HIGHLY targeted so Direct Marketing works in valuable concert of customer experience even when they're home

Personal, Data-Powered DM Content





The Creative Guy and the Data Guy agree…

  • Tell them what you're giving them and why they care – USE DATA TO DO IT!
  • Tell them what's inside the DM piece on the outside – USE DATA TO DO IT!
  • Offer incentives they'll find relevant and rewarding – USE DATA TO DO IT!
  • Offer Inactives relevant, rewarding incentives to return – USE DATA TO DO IT!
  • Don't market to your database, market to individuals – customize, speak personally, and create a relationship – USE DATA TO DO IT!

(Click here to read Part 1.)

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