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Looking Back at OIGA 2011 Player Profiling Presentation

Marketing Results OIGA 2011 Player Profiling

Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association 2011: Strategies to Improve Player Retention and Grow Gaming Revenue. Presented by Craig Border, Director of Database Marketing, Marketing Results. (Update: Vice President of Database Marketing.)

Presentation points to be covered:

  • Segmentation Research
  • Key player segments that exist in every gaming market
  • Choose your target customer - Not all gamblers are created equally
  • Messages to attract the right target for your property
  • Database Profiling Techniques

There are 114 Oklahoma casinos generating more than $3 Billion in annual gaming revenue.

  • Competition among casinos to attract gamblers is fierce
  • Most gamblers are regular players at multiple casinos
  • The majority of casinos offer similar product, amenities and service
  • How do you create a preference for your property over the competition
  • (Source:

Each individual in your casino is playing for a different reason. Research allows us to better understand their motivations.

Marketing Results OIGA 2011 Player Profiling

Market Segmentation & Profiles

  • Identify the right customer profile for your business
  • Determine their value engagement and loyalty
  • Deliver messages that appeal to them
  • Consistently meet expectations by correctly aligning offerings to target customer groups

Marketing Results OIGA 2011 Gambler Segment Examples

Marketing Results OIGA 2011 Segmentation Benefits

Marketing Results OIGA 2011 So What Does Your Property Have To Offer?

Marketing Results OIGA Different Brands Attract Different Segments

Life Cycle Segmentation & Profiles

Profiling Players: Customer Life Cycle Stages

  • Prospects: Non-member players and gamblers who have not visited your property
  • Acquisition: New members who recently enrolled in the card program
  • Active: Club members who play frequently and represent the majority of visitors to a casino
  • Defectors: Inactive club members who have not had a tracked gaming visit in 12 months or longer
  • Reactivated: Club members who were active, defected for a period of time and have returned to their active status


  • Players in each of the life cycle stages exist in your database today
  • Each of these player groups has different needs and interests as a customer
  • Each of these players has a different gaming value and visitation
  • Each of these players represents a different marketing challenge and requires different messaging
  • Each life cycle can lead to database growth or decline
  • Each life cycle contributes significantly to revenue
  • Effective communication strategies recognize the differences between these player groups
  • By focusing on all life cycle profiles simultaneously you can accelerate growth at your property


  • Segmentation and profiling techniques enable you to target the right customers for your property
  • This leads to increased satisfaction and customer retention
  • All life cycles should be addressed to grow the database and revenue faster
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