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3 Ways to Better Digital Marketing: Part 2

3 Ways to Better Digital Marketing

In Part 1 of this discussion, we talked about being flexible and informed with your digital marketing strategy, testing different audiences, channels and techniques until you find what works.  Let’s now take a look at finding your niche and of course, the importance of practice.

Find Your Niche and Entertain

Facebook has taken measures making it more difficult for people to advertise their business ventures on their personal pages. Any attempts by a realtor, car salesman, or a business consultant to sell those goods and services on a personal page, will likely result in a suspended account. Sales content is need to restricted to a business page.

Rather than letting an obstacle like this stop you, take it as a challenge to present content that relates to your business without the hard sell. Let’s say I’m connected to my eye doctor on Facebook. I'm not interested in a steady stream of eyewear sales announcements from him. However, if his wall was filled with great looking imagery and stories my eyes want to see and read, maybe I’ll keep him in mind more, and think to visit his business page regularly, so as not to miss out on a bargain.

First and foremost, focus on ideas to deliver your content entertainingly. Again, using MRI as an example. In our case since we specialize in the casino industry, we could co-opt items from pop-culture, like the Scorcese’s film, Casino, Ocean’s Eleven, or Lady Gaga’s hit “Poker Face.” Case in point, just released a few weeks ago was a new collection of live Sinatra performances. We could have used that occasion to couple useful business information with some “fun facts” data. After adding a pinch of this and a touch of that, BINGO, we are sharing data and bringing entertainment to our social feeds.

Think about your niche and your own entertainment skills. Interesting entertainment is essential to online marketing, and in the most encouraging news you’ll hear all day, can be profitable as well. Jimmy Kimmel Live brought in $3 million one year from YouTube revenue alone. Likewise, The Tipsy Bartender carved out his own niche with 30-second cocktail preparation videos, and with nearly 400 million total views, he’s obviously doing something right. If your current platform isn’t letting your brand sparkle like the star it wants to be, try marketing through different forms of social media and find what suits your voice and brand best.

Practice Your Passion Project

As stated above, it is important to think of ways to deliver professional content in a more personal way. Turning that around, to hone your marketing skills for the professional world, you might develop them by practicing with a personal passion project. Sell your wares on Etsy, make a short film, write a blog or self-publish a book. Whatever your 'thing' is, don't take half measures, but grab a shovel and dig deep. Don't be afraid to get dirt under your fingernails – metaphorical or otherwise.

I put my advice where my mouth is and tested the waters of the podcasting phenomena. Having an interest in learning audio production and wanting to improve my public speaking skills, I figured my love for rock music would be ideal for my first foray into digital broadcasting. Since starting, I’ve been introduced to resources and learned lessons I know I never would’ve picked up otherwise, particularly the importance of a scripted, well-rehearsed approach.

Rolling up my sleeves and immersing myself into this new world has been a healthy disruption to my normal routine and perspective that, when distilling everything I’ve learned, is the best advice I have to offer.

My podcast project has been rejuvenating, creatively speaking, utilizing my existing product marketing skills and shaping new approaches. I’ve tasked myself with deadlines, new skill sets, and knowledge to meet the challenge of building my own audience, particularly in areas not part of my day-to-day responsibilities like social media marketing. The spillover effect to my work with our clients has provided valuable insight that has proven useful, making my podcast a beneficial outlet to both my personal and professional lives.

Take the same approach with your project, devote yourself to it, establish deadlines to keep you on track, and take your venture seriously. That's the only way to establish all-important context, allowing you to draw parallels that can have significant benefits on your professional work. If you choose the right project, you'll discover marketing muscles you never knew you had and be immeasurably better off because of it.

Digital Marketing doesn’t have to be a shot in the dark. Working toward your target audience and writing relevant and interesting information, along with a dash of humor and entertainment, will give you a distinctive voice that is essential in the competitive casino industry. Put another way, practice before you hit the stage and you’re sure to nail it.


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