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Winning With Technology: Part 2

Winning with Technology Part 2

Winning with Technology Part 2: Do you really need an app?

This is the second in a 4-part series on today’s technology and how it can be used to the best advantage for the gaming industry. In this one, we explore whether apps can boost a casino’s bottom line in any significant way. How much effort is required and is it really worth it?

Think of the casino kiosk. What does it do that’s so beneficial that casinos allocate a portion of their budgets towards installations?

To begin with, of course, kiosks entertain. But they do so much more. They promote. They advertise. They communicate brand identity with bells and whistles. They engage players and build customer loyalty. They offer convenience over standing in lines.  And they don’t have a bad day.

Kiosks offer repeated, captivating, live interaction with players; at their best, they become a positive experience that players return to again and again.

Some kiosks take things up a notch by integrating CRM functionality (see my blog post about CRM) that captures valuable player data. Kiosks have the ability to interact in real time with the casino’s player tracking system. They can collect email addresses, issue direct offers, and populate account information. Guests can see their point balance, get special offers, and receive other incentives that help build repeat business.

Now imagine you can take all of that dynamic marketing real estate, shrink it down, and place it in the pocket, purse or palm of your players.

A kiosk in the palm of their hands

That’s the power of a well-designed casino mobile app. And that’s only the beginning.

Our white labeled player loyalty mobile app* puts your casino right in the pocket of your most valuable players with functionality like you’ve never seen before. Customized with your brand and tailored to your needs, the app combines data from your players club, direct marketing, promotional kiosks and hosts. From the players’ perspective, they get constantly refreshed, current promotions, updates, invitations, offers, games, and more. Players can check in and redeem their rewards, book a hotel room, or set a tee time.

With the mobile app, your casino can engage with players through animated games or through mobile push notifications to get attention. You can run drawings without the need for paper or for a drum to twirl the entries in. You can set up geo-fencing, which establishes a geographic boundary and triggers an automatic offer if your player travels within that area.

With virtually zero time lag, minimal staff investment, and an unlimited canvas for player engagement, the right mobile app can make your casino marketing explode with activity, reduce defection and improve your bottom line.

Talk about win/win.

Contact us today for your free demo of the Ovations Player Loyalty Mobile App.

 *Our casino mobile app took top spot at the 2016 Las Vegas Digital Media Awards, receiving the “Best Mobile Execution” award by for its app for Little Creek Casino Resort in Washington.


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