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The Dashboard Overview

The Dashboard Overview

You’ve gone to great time and expense to build an engaging website. You’ve worked hard to ensure your site not only showcases your casino to its best advantage, but also provides vital CRM tools to retain your best players.

But here’s the truth: you can’t stop there. 

To get the most from your website investment, you must effectively analyze and measure your website’s performance. Does that sound daunting? We’ll be happy to do it for you. MRI offers a service that takes extensive website analysis and boils it down into a simple, actionable report we call The Dashboard.

Delivered monthly, The Dashboard will clearly illustrate how customers are engaging and interacting with your website. You’ll gain insight into what features are working well and what may need some tweaking to reach your website objectives. Let’s take a closer look…

Dashboard Overview

The Dashboard gives you a top-level understanding of how your casino’s website is performing.  Optimally, you can use it to review the previous month’s performance, but you can request additional features as well.  We design it so you can easily access and review all relevant information on one page.

Top Line Summary

The Top Line Summary is where you will find the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These metrics show the baseline of how your website has performed over the previous month, and changes in website performance Month/Month or Month/Previous 3 Month. The KPIs we focus on are: Total Visits, Unique Visits, Avg. Time on Site, Pageviews, Pageviews/Visit, Bounce Rate, Desktop Views, Mobile Views and Tablet Views.

Top Line Summary Graph

The Top Line Summary Graph gives an overview of the previous 12-14 months (as long as data is available) of the website traffic to the website.

Dashboard Metrics

The main metrics shown on the Dashboard are: KPIs, Top Line Summary Graph, Visitor Loyalty, Top Traffic Sources, Top Traffic Driving Cities, Top Referring Sites, Top Keywords, Top Viewed Pages and Top Exit Pages. If another metric is requested and data is available (from Google Analytics), we can substitute it for one of the previously mentioned metrics.

dashboard 4

dashboard 5 

As a vital part of your casino’s image and a primary venue for player communication, your website deserves the same attention to detail that you give your gaming floor. With the practical information contained in The Dashboard, it’s easier than ever to pinpoint the best ways to evolve your website’s presentation and improve your conversion rates. By tracking, measuring, and collecting data on your website performance, MRI is ready to give you a greater understanding of what is working, and what isn’t. So contact us today and discover what The Dashboard can do for you.

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