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Why 2014 is the Year of Responsive Design for Casinos

With more casinos embracing online gaming these days, it’s critical that the content and layout of these games are displayed well across all platforms - regardless of whether it’s a desktop PC, tablet, or smartphone. Having an all-devices optimized website is essential since millions of people are accessing the web from mobile devices and downloading mobile apps.

Here are some of the advantages of responsive design for casinos.

A Single Interface Across All Platforms

Responsive design differs from a mobile optimized website. It dynamically adapts the content and layout of a single website to any screen it’s viewed on without having to create an independent mobile website for smartphones and tablets.

Adaptive Content Saves Time and Money

Responsive web design is both a time and money saver, as it requires just one source code, site update, and logic. The website communicates with the browser through a CSS3 media query. The “response” in “responsive” comes when the site receives information from the browser about the device and it’s screen size. It then displays an adaptive version of the content and layout.

Better Site Performance

Mobile devices have considerably less data speed than PCs. Responsive design presents a chance to clean up and simplify HTML code, boost page load speed, and mark non-essential content, allowing only the most important content and critical call-to-actions to be highlighted.

Improved Interaction

Navigational menus, site controls, and buttons will behave differently on a mobile device than they do on a desktop PC. Casinos, especially ones with online games, need a site that is designed to handle all platforms.

Mobile users no longer make up a small percentage of your overall web traffic. Responsive web design is easily the best option for any casino’s mobile strategy and even Google considers it to be the industry’s best practice. It makes sense for casinos to implement what looks to become the industry standard moving forward.

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