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The Trust Factor

One of the most overlooked and underrated factors to building your brand loyalty and expanding your business is The Trust Factor. Without a purposeful and consistent strategy to promote trust in your brand, your most elaborate marketing efforts will fall short. Trust is one of the greatest motivators for the gambling enthusiasts, who bring in over 50% of your revenue. It’s that priceless factor that influences customers to commit to your brand, to keep coming back for more, and even to share with others about their positive experience, ultimately driving more business through your doors.

Aggressive marketing promotions can sometimes set operations staff up for failure if they cannot deliver the promise. Casinos offer room discounts and comps to maximize hotel revenue. Forecasting can pose a problem. We’ve seen casinos repeatedly over promising rooms month after month. Players who are denied an offer experience what we call “anticappointment” where their reasonable expectation is never met.

Promotions that promise strong incentives like discounted or free gasoline cards generate huge lines in some instances leaving players in line for much of their visit rather than playing. “Anticappointment”.

Cult-like devotion to brands like Apple®, Harley-Davidson® and Starbucks® has been established on a foundation of trust. These billion-dollar corporations consistently provide the products and the satisfying experiences that keep their customers tethered to their brand for years. After all, a brand’s relationship with its customer base is exactly that: a relationship. And, as in any relationship, the glue that holds it together is trust. Sustaining loyalty cannot happen without it.

 The casino industry is at a disadvantage in the trust department. A few reasons for this are:

  • The “House Advantage”. Guests often assume they’re in an adversarial relationship with the casino, and expect to lose more than win.
  • Inconsistent Track Records. Changing marketing programs, comp policies, hotel procedures, staffing, can confuse and damage your customers’ belief in your brand.  
  • Customer Service. Any and all signs of disrespect, like long lines, long on-hold times, scarce cocktail service, cleanliness issues, or complex procedures reduce a guest’s desire to return to the brand.
  • Reputation Management. Negative online reviews and social media mentions impact trust over time as 73% of consumers said a positive review makes them trust a business more.

How do you build trust in your brand?

Trust is fostered when the consumer perceives that your brand meets their expectations and identifies with them on a personal level. It is built upon consistently responding to their needs: like providing an attentive staff, a comfortable environment, better chances to win, and attractive food options. According to numerous studies, customers build trust when brands show:

Products and services that fit their needs

  • Effective communication
  • Respect
  • Transparency
  • Engagement
  • A track record of accomplishment and contribution
  • VIP rewards

The beauty of the digital options today is the dialogue they create with players and guests. Feedback is instantaneous whereas two decades ago we sold our brands in a monologue through advertising channels that allowed no feedback. The future of gaming is apps that let players minimize time in lines.  Functions let players redeem points for any of the resort activities with the push of a button. Need a host to help out now – another button and your directed to a problem solver.

Instant offers – no problem. 

Instant, well executed player interactions will build trust beyond tools previously available.

Dissatisfied patrons can be addressed immediately creating trust that exceeds their expectations. 

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