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john pace casino brand designer

Meet John Pace. John is a Senior Art Director and Designer at Marketing Results. John is dedicated to his craft, and honestly, dedicated to “crafting” many aspects of his life. It’s how he is so good at his job.

“I’ve always treated graphic design as a craft that I’m constantly trying to improve on. I believe effective design not only takes artistic skill, but also patience, persistence, and the desire to craft,” said John. And this fine-tuning is his dedication to the love of art.

“I grew up with an interest in drawing and from an early age always had a passion for typography. I can remember drawing band logos, like Chicago and Van Halen, all over my grade school notebooks. In high school we had a graphic design program where I first realized that I could actually make a living in the visual arts.” The crispness of typography and the clarity of a good logo is something that still excites John.

"Good typography in design is a great way to give advertising a visual hierarchy, which is important to capture attention and guide the user visually through the elements of the piece. A good example is casino digital ads, where the message needs to be delivered as quickly and effectively as possible—because attention spans are short—making visual hierarchy very important to digital advertising."

Visually, and through visual arts, is a way to communicate. A beautiful way to communicate. At Marketing Results, a casino marketing agency and casino ad agency, they believe in communicating in a clear and concise way, but to do so compellingly. It’s not easy, and marrying art with function is something John strives to do on the daily–looking to not deliver status quo work to his casino brand clients.

“I think of graphic design as a form of creative problem-solving. Being able to think about a problem and solve it in a creative way can be very satisfying. Graphic design gives me the opportunity to use my creativity to communicate a desired message or feeling using photography, graphics and typography. Every problem is unique. I really enjoy the creative process that helps me explore creative design solutions and ultimately decide which one I feel will be the most effective based on all the information gathered at the onset of a project.”

Part of the best ways to solve problems is to find ways to think, or to get outside of the work. For John, that’s fitness and fitness outdoors.

“I’ve been into fitness for years and my family and I have always loved the outdoors. Last summer we decided to combine those interests and bought mountain bikes for my wife, daughter and I. We’ve been trail riding as much as possible and continue to discover new places to ride. Mountain biking gives us the chance to spend time together while exploring the trails and lakes in some of our local and state parks. We also live in a farming community and are fortunate to have 30+ wooded acres next to our home that are full of trails. With life being so hectic sometimes, it’s a great way for the three of us to stay in shape, slow down and spend quality time together.”

“I believe the consistency and patience it takes to reach fitness goals is parallel to what is required to produce professional, effective creative visual communications.”

Fitness requires a certain focused mindset and dedication. John contemplated, “With fitness, even after all the years of experience, I’m constantly in a state of evaluation and learning, to determine what’s working and what needs to be changed for the best results and to keep from reaching or plowing through a plateau.”

Pushing past plateaus is a hurdle that many of us face, and so do marketers within casino marketing. The same thing, said the same way, many times produces the same results. With Marketing Results, the work is first analytical, and second motivating–always seeking to push your communications–visually, in a new way. 

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