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Meet Craig. Craig is President of Marketing Results. A big and important role. Craig is also really good at the smallest of details. In a casino world where numbers count, dollars matter and even penny slots pull a profit–Craig hones in to understand how even the tiniest detail can make a huge improvement.

All this thinking aligns with Marketing Results’, a casino marketing agency, philosophy. “In our work, we are continually looking for opportunities to help casino marketing clients grow their business and maximize profits. More often than not, growth is achieved through a series of smaller incremental strategy adjustments rather than large sweeping changes,” said Craig. “First, we make sure effective strategies are in place to communicate with players in each life cycle stage. Then we optimize the strategies to ensure each is contributing to database growth. Continual improvement is the goal.”

In casino marketing, being precise is a requirement. Craig explains. “We are dealing with tens or even hundreds of thousands of casino player records, so there is no room for mistakes. For this reason, having thorough quality control processes in all areas of our business has always been a priority. I recall a story in the early 2000s about a major gaming company that sent out offers to players with incorrect amounts listed in the communication. The casino’s top players received the lowest offer amount, and the top offers were issued to lower value players.  Worse yet, the state gaming board forced the casino to honor the offers – costing them millions. Though this was not our client, and we were in no way involved, we took the opportunity to thoroughly review our quality controls and procedures to ensure this could never happen in our company, or to our clients.”

Dedication to the details has paid off. Marketing Results is known as a detail-oriented casino marketing firm. From relentless QA to a constant innovation cycle of their own CRM system, AIM by MRI.

Craig had a big hand in the development and continuing innovation cycle of AIM. “When we began developing AIM (Advanced intelligence Marketing) our goal was to create a casino database software we could use to help our clients outperform their competition.  Now, after more than two decades of input and development from some of the top operators in casino gaming, AIM, a casino crm software, includes casino industry leading campaign management tools, casino database and campaign analytics, email deployment and casino player development tools. In all this time, we remained focused on our goal of providing the best tools and strategies to help our clients succeed faster.”

Focusing on the details goes beyond his work. It’s even a part of his hobbies from collecting rare bourbon, to CrossFit. Craig can taste the subtlest of notes and understands how at the gym, nothing replaces good, old fashioned work and dedication to improve his personal best.

Marketing Results, a casino marketing agency, was founded on finding the best for our clients. For looking deep at the details that matter, to move the needle.

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