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Six Ways to Build a Casino Brand Using Social Media

Casinos are sometimes still associated with images of senior citizens puffing away on cigarettes as they sit at slot machines. But today’s casinos have a diverse mix of clientele on their floor that range from the young to the old to the in-between. Digital marketing is a big reason for this. Successful casinos these days have an effective social media strategy working for them. One that not only lures first timers through their doors but anyone that “likes” them on Facebook and “follows” them on Twitter. One that establishes brand identity and helps foster customer loyalty.

Truly harnessing the promotional power of social media isn’t an easy task. It takes time and work. You don’t just set up a few social media profiles, lean back, start trending, and make it rain. Daily content must be pushed out to drive repeat visits, customer engagement, service, and referrals. Content that is interesting enough to get likes, retweets, and generate the kind of social shares to take your message and advertising viral.

With more states legalizing gambling, and more casinos competing against one another, your online marketing approach must draw in your audience. Here are a few suggestions to help you achieve a return on your investment.

Plug Casino Events

plug casino events 

Okay, perhaps the Oak Ridge Boys aren’t the best example of casinos targeting a younger demographic, but we couldn’t find a corresponding image that promoted Jay Z and Beyonce’s casino gigs. Social media is a great way to promote upcoming events such as live music or comedy. It allows casinos to showcase booked talent with a YouTube clip as well as link to online ticket sales. If people in your network enjoy the YouTube video, or the artist showcased, they may even share your content with their fans or followers to further help you promote your upcoming live show.

Get Facebook Likes with Targeted Paid Ads

targeted paid ads

Paid Facebook ads are a great way to build awareness, promote casino events and live entertainment, and grow your fan base. Facebook allows you to test ads and implement highly selective targeting to reach the most relevant audiences. This will amp up social exposure and get your casino more Facebook likes. Many of those likes will be new and returning players – perhaps even big spenders.

Engage Your Audience with Promotions


One of the most powerful ways for a casino to engage its audience on social media is to post about contests, sweepstakes, and giveaways. This is a great way to generate a buzz and get players in the door. Certain promotions also allow casinos to collect information about their customers that can be used for other marketing purposes.

Let People Know About Big Winners


When people venture into a casino, they naturally have aspirations of hitting the jackpot and winning big. This optimism increases if they follow your casino on social media and routinely read about people – just like them – exiting the casino as winners. Make a big deal out of big winners.

Notify Players of Upcoming Tournaments


Competitive players are attracted to tournaments and guaranteed prize pools. Social media is a great way to keep this type of player updated on upcoming tournaments and opportunities to win the pot.

Showcase Community Presence


Social media is all about building a sense of community and part of that is proving that you contribute to your community. Spotlight any regional public service or charitable contributions. Show support for local sports teams and causes. Demonstrate to your customers that your establishment gives back. 


Today’s casino has an advantage that yesterday’s casinos didn’t have. Casinos today can continually engage customers and entice visitors with free points, free tickets, and free meals. They can also gain valuable insight into the likes and dislikes of customers. They can reward social activity - for instance, sharing online content with their friends and followers - with points and prizes. It’s no longer a case of relying on lady luck to push new business through your doors. Casinos are now scoring big with effective online marketing.

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