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Seven Ways to Build a Casino Brand Using Social Media

casino social media strategy

Casino marketing used to rely primarily on billboards, mailers, and radio spots. While these methods are still used today, the most successful casinos utilize social media marketing to connect with fans of their brand on a more personal level across multiple platforms, while distinguishing their property as a fun place to escape from the stress of daily life.

More than ever, people are looking forward to memorable trips and experiences. While some just want to spend a relaxing weekend at their local casino playing slots, blackjack, or poker, others want to save up for a week-long vacation and travel to a casino featuring their favorite band or comedian, while hitting the slots and buffet in their downtime.

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube are powered by algorithms, which thrive when fans are engaging with your casino’s content by liking, commenting, sharing, and subscribing or following your social media accounts. By highlighting your casino’s best features such as the scenery, amenities, and casino events with a clear brand voice, there are a few ways to cut through the clutter and stop customers from scrolling past your casino brand’s social media posts:


social media brand photography

Brand Images

Capture the attention of passive scrollers by featuring crystal-clear photography of scenic shots around your casino property, including pools, hotel rooms, night clubs, or event venues. Sparkling slot machines and delectable dishes from your restaurants will keep fans engaged (likes, comments, tags, and shares), while also growing your audience. Don’t forget to feature joyful jackpot winners, and players who received free gifts or attended events. Share photos and short videos of notable entertainers, musicians, and comedians promoting their next appearance at your casino, and encourage fans to book their tickets, and share the post with their friends.


social media post emoji use

Copy, Tags, and Emojis

Social media copy should reflect each platform, but typically stays short and to the point. Emojis should be used sparingly, or like bullet points. A few relevant hashtags such as your casino name, city, and the topic you're promoting should be added at the end of posts on Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube. Tagging your casino account in Instagram photos or geotagging your posts on Instagram or Facebook will allow new players to find your casino easily and distinguish separate casino properties.


casino social media management

Social Media Management

Staying engaged with fans of your casino on social media adds a personal touch and increases brand loyalty. Implement your brand voice for every social media post, from photo captions to video narration, and replies to fan questions or comments. Set your casino apart by monitoring and replying to positive and negative fan feedback, while deleting any spam or inappropriate content. By staying proactive on your social media pages, you will humanize your brand and make a stronger connection to your audience.


casino facebook events schedule

Event Schedules and Linktree

New players are most likely going to find your casino through Google, or by clicking on one of your paid ads on Facebook or Instagram. Keep your casino relevant by providing accurate business hours and contact information, as well as frequently updating event schedules online, and creating and sharing Facebook Events. Linktree is a helpful tool you can add to your Instagram or TikTok bio and YouTube video descriptions so fans of your account can find your casino website, book a room or restaurant reservation, or buy a concert ticket, all in one place.


casino social media facebook and instagram ads

Facebook and Instagram: Linked Accounts and Paid Ads

Link your casino's Instagram and Facebook accounts using Meta Business Suite, and share Reels and Stories on both platforms, for an effortless way to achieve a broader reach and make it easier to produce daily content. Ads can be purchased on Facebook or Instagram separately or shared across platforms. Facebook provides customizable ad demographics, which are helpful, yet more complicated than setting up Instagram ads, which target a younger audience. Image carousels with links to your website can be used in paid ads on Instagram or Facebook. Decide how to invest your ad budget based on the needs and audience of your casino.


casino social media reels and stories

Short-Form Videos: Reels, Stories, TikTok, and YouTube

If kept under one minute, Instagram Reels and Facebook Stories can be repurposed on TikTok and YouTube Shorts. Some platforms, like TikTok, will allow videos up to 10 minutes long, while others will not, so make sure you only share videos that suit each platform’s guidelines. Short-form videos should call back to the casino brand’s identity, while immersing the viewer in the casino experience. Invite players into your casino by featuring upbeat music over short scenic videos of your casino floor, hotel rooms, restaurants, pool, and spa. Share footage of players enjoying slot machines or roulette tables, as well as casino-exclusive events such as concerts, comedy shows, or tournaments. Make sure to finish each video on a title card with the casino logo and a link to the website, and you might be able to repurpose the video for an online ad. In addition to short-form videos, YouTube can also provide a platform to livestream Poker or Blackjack Tournaments.


casino social media post examples

Posting on a Regular Basis

Creating daily content may seem daunting, but posting to your Instagram Grid or Facebook Page on a regular basis is integral in keeping your casino relevant on social media, since you never know when someone is going to look up your brand online. Facebook is the best place to create and share upcoming events and share links to local news articles raving about shows and restaurants at your casino. Giveaways and contests on social media that require fan engagement (likes, comments, shares, etc.) are not as common anymore, but could be an exciting opportunity for dedicated Facebook fans or Instagram followers if offered occasionally around holidays or special events.


Gone are the days of creating an online banner ad for your casino and hoping for the best. Successful social media marketing requires a full-time commitment, but it drives revenue and provides tools to track what works. Communicating with fans and followers on a regular basis through posts and comments will keep your casino relevant in a short attention span economy.

By creating an entertaining oasis for locals and visitors in-person and online, your social media presence will lead to brand loyalty, with return visits to your casino, positive online reviews, and a stellar ROI for your brand.


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