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We don’t have to tell you; but we will. The player is becoming a smarter consumer. Experiences they have online with the likes of Amazon and Netflix are seeping into their expectations of all online experiences–including their digital interactions with casino gaming. 

The analog to their online shopping experience in the casino space is their player portal. This is their own space, a space for them to feel catered to, pushed to and promoted to. Marketing Results has been personalizing offers and promotions for players clubs and casino clients for decades, and now the power of the casino player portal opens up more and more possibilities. We will keep this brief, but get you thinking about our top eight ways to personalize your casino player portals.

Personalization options for portal dashboard:

1.     "Close to next tier" Alerts 

a.     Alert your casino players that they are close to qualifying for…

2.     Automated Alerts 

a.     For birthday or club anniversary

3.     Personalized Promotions like:

a.     Senior day 

b.     Veteran's promotion 

c.     Slot/table preference 

d.     Dining preference for casino players

e.     Bus visitors 

4.     Targeted Messages by:

a.     Card level

b.     Options to personalize with the same segments as promotions

c.     CSV upload of any campaign from AIM, casino marketing software, or the casino’s player tracking system

d.     Hosts! Able to message their assigned players

5.     Bonus Offers

a.     Based on player’s monthly play

6.     Targeted Offers

a.     Same as direct mail for double the touch

7.     Host Communications

a.     Hosts can communicate with casino players directly with email, text of mobile phone

8.     Personalized “Hello”

a.     Every login is greeted with a personalized welcome message

What would you do to personalize your casino player portals? The possibilities are powered by your player system. Marketing Results, a casino marketing agency, offers AIM, casino marketing software that works in the back-of-the-house to let your players view account information 24/7. Learn more about how you can actively manage customer relationships for maximum engagement. 

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