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Player-driven Digital Transformation


The digital transformation is in full effect, and it's being driven by your players.

Your players are consumers. Amazon shopping and delivery, speedy streaming services and even Instacart have shaped their behaviors and now their wants and asks of many (if not all) service providers - including their expectations of you, the casino.

The casino experience no longer begins at the doors of your casino. COVID19 shifted behaviors. Unable to go to their favorite spot, players looked for ways to connect online, even the 60+ age segment adopted the new way of connecting, a way that has been solidified in the way we live, work and play.

The expectation is about creating as seamless of an experience as possible, which means casino players expect access to information that helps them make real-time decisions. Data is no longer something that just fuels our casino insights behind the scenes, it now fuels the player’s choices - in real time.

So, how do you keep up? How does your casino property transition to the digital age? And what happens to traditional forms of communications?

Player portals

Give your players the power. Make the shift to digital communications and talk to them directly through their mobile phone, on their tablet, laptop or desktop. Player portals allow your players to view account information and manage their relationship with your casino 24/7.

The MRI Player Portal Includes:

  • Point Balances and Tier Status
  • Tier Progress Bars with Custom Alerts
  • Player Messaging System
  • Instant Access to Offers and Promotions
  • Offer Redemption Capability
  • Bonus Offer and Gamification Integration
  • Personalized Host Information
  • Customer Self-Service Features
  • Property Account Lookup Options 

Think about it. Players can now sign up for the club from an email or the player portal. Hosts can call or email through the portal, and players can even access win/loss statements - freeing up time for your finance department.

The casino gains agility and speed. Matching the on-demand service that players-as-consumers expect means reducing costs, shrinking your timeline and allows more engagement with your most valuable players.

Traditional and Digital Mix

Transitioning to digital communications isn’t an all or nothing process. As you communicate more digitally, you can lower the lever on your direct mail in the marketing mix. This mix allows for players to transition with you. Keep the direct mail concentrated on special events, just as you might think about a formal invite or something that is coming up on the calendar. For communications that you want players to take actions on now - move them to a player portal.

Brian M, a database analyst explains his digital transformation, “This allows us to get offers to players faster than traditional mail, especially when the planning horizon isn't all that long. It's an easy way to get to your customers - and fast!”

In transitioning more and more communications to digital, you have less to worry about - less cost, less headache with supply chain and hassle accessing the materials you need to send out direct mail, and less time and cost from writers and designers and coordinating with mailhouses. “The player portal has allowed us to begin transitioning away from traditional direct mail communication methods in favor of more timely and cost effective digital communication,” said Anthony C, Marketing Director.

With this freed up cost and time, concentrate on the special services, the person-to-person services that make the biggest difference to your player base. “The online player portal gives our players access to their account information at any time. It minimizes the number of questions at the players club and allows the club reps to focus on customer service,” said Jennifer K, a Players Club Manager.

Change Management

Marketing Results recently helped a client, and local casino, transition to digital. In this case, there was time. A plan was mapped at every important milestone of the rollout, and the shift was communicated to the player base. The players knew the transition was happening, and that the casino was going digital. The plan was reiterated across many touchpoints, messaging was used throughout the property and communications were sent to inform the players that they were going digital. Further, one-on-one change management occurred with the hosts informing VIP players well in advance of what to expect.

The result: in the first month of the transition from direct mail to a digital communication strategy, direct mail communications were reduced and replaced with email communications.  During this timeframe, response rates remained consistent with prior months.  The following month, the website player portal was implemented along with an instructional video to educate players on accessing the portal to see their offers.  The combination of email communications, along with the player portal, the instructional video and player education by frontline staff, led to 16.15% growth in the email database over the first three months and 55% growth within 12 months -  all while the property reduced marketing expense and increased player response rates.

The takeaway, communication is key in shifting player expectations and behaviors. Don’t leave them behind, bring them along with you for the exciting ride to digital transformation at your casino.

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