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Meet Kevin


Meet Kevin

“The creative team here continues to successfully meet the challenges presented over the years.”

Kevin McElroy is the Vice President of Creative Services. His role is a big one, overseeing all of the creative work Marketing Results, a casino marketing agency, produces for casino clients across North America.

Being creative in the casino industry, means being creative in the world of entertainment - it is ever-evolving. “Casinos are synonymous with entertainment and their creative looks must embody fun and a positive customer experience. We design for everything from bus wraps to mobile apps and have created TV, radio, social media and video ads.”

The constantly changing casino industry requires staying in the know - and it is one of Kevin’s favorite things about his job, as he continues to produce award-winning creative for Marketing Results. “Whether it’s because of tech or aesthetic trends, there’s always something to learn. At times it is daunting, but mastering new skills keeps it fresh and rewarding."

Kevin doesn’t stop with keeping up on work trends or finding inspiration in the worlds around him. Kevin’s creativity requires constant feeding - and elaborate execution off the job, too (just ask his wife). 

For example, years ago, Kevin became interested in the world of podcasting. “Public speaking not being a strong suit of mine, I thought maybe with practice doing this, I could improve.”

To give the effort a practical purpose, Kevin coupled it with a subject he loved — music. “I like checking out new hard rock music and digging up music from the past. So much so, I put together an online radio station, and weekly show that focuses on new hard rock and original music from the local Philadelphia and South Jersey scene.”

Just like that, Kevin created a radio station. From overcoming a fear and having the desire to learn more about podcasting, he created a community. “It’s like a musical book club – some people like to read books and discuss in a club setting. Same thing for me, I like checking out new hard rock music and having a reason and place to discuss it.” The local community he created, he equates to running a musical art gallery. “I provide a platform that bands can use to showcase their music and present it to audiences around the world.”

“It’s always been an exercise in “building an audience”. Trying out ideas and getting an understanding of what it takes to do that with social media and see what it’s like for entities like bands, filmmakers, self-publishing authors, and businesses to build an audience.”

“My brain doesn’t shut off. In the 26 years of working for MRI, I’ve worked on tens of thousands of projects — conceptually, hands-on, director role, collaboratively and single handedly. This has given me a catalog of successful solutions to provide to our clients. And I’ve done many of them repeatedly, so I can deliver quickly and efficiently as needed.”

From solving the problem of the blank page, to completing a project, no matter the size - Kevin loves the satisfaction of it. He doesn’t take the path expected and in the process he improves his craft.

These experiences make him better and more fearless at Marketing Results. “Taking on a client’s entire design workload, assessing it, “renovating” the creative that works, creating something unique, and then establishing a process to minimize timeline and costs results in a well-oiled machine where we produce the work efficiently.”

How do YOU challenge yourself to get better?

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