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Meet Julie

Meet Julie

Meet Julie. She is Marketing Results’ Accounting Specialist, and an expert in more than accounting. She’s a specialist in organization. What she sees, she organizes, and in doing so, makes it better, more enjoyable. “What I enjoy most in my job is how everything comes full circle. There is a beginning and an end for nearly all jobs other departments request for that month. I get to finalize all the work that was generated into an invoice we send out. Everything is on a schedule and runs smoothly due to having deadlines and strict schedules to adhere to.”

Organization is key to Julie’s success. “I’m good at my job because personally I am very organized and love routine.  Very rarely does a curveball come my way but since I am all about having things in such an order it doesn’t phase me when it does happen. I adapt.” But she doesn’t shy away from fun, either. She just approaches it with a methodology.

“When it comes to some of the fun aspects of my life, I seem to be the one that is the designated planner. From a Vegas Golden Knights game to happy hour, I am the one that handles most of the details. The important thing about planning is to keep it fun and not have it go down in flames before the idea makes it to the table. One would think it is easy to just throw it out there in a group text, but the key is to choose wisely!,” Julie said. 

“The way I organize fun is the way I handle the Instagram account for my dogs. I bring something fun to the followers of Tinsley’s account and prepare a post just from his photo, a video or one with him and Stella.”

“It started one day when I realized I had so many photos of my dog, Tinsley (the parti-yorkie) on my phone. Instagram was becoming more and more popular, and I thought to myself “Why not share the cutest punk ever!” Truly, he’s a punk and I made sure his personality shined through so others could fall in love with him as much as I have. And that was accomplished. I added in Stella when she joined the family and I now have a sibling rivalry on Instagram – which plays out for the audience that follows them.”

In Julie’s case, she feels her job makes her better at her hobby. “Hmmm, I’m certain it feels the other way around. My work for the last 17 years falls onto being consistent, having things in order and usually following that plan day in and day out. I’ve taken that and applied it with how I go about posting on Instagram. Consistency is key on social media. If you aren’t, numbers decline. I must be on top of comments and reply as that entices the follower to engage again.”

Be sure to give them a follow @tinsley_carter

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