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meet gary

Meet Gary. Gary is the founder of Marketing Results. His background is consumer research, but his niche expertise is in casino player behavior. Gary has always believed marketing can achieve results (hence the name) as long as you understand your target audience. “In 1988 after working seven years in the casino gaming industry as a marketing executive, I founded Marketing Results. The name came from an article I read about Carl Icahn who framed the question “Why does no one use the word results in their business?”

“I originated from a scientific research background that included the study of consumers and for the past 34 years, gamblers, across North America. By understanding gamblers needs, desires and behaviors we applied campaigns that were compelling, innovative and improved response and loyalty.”

Founded on three principles, Marketing Results is driven by 1) improving client revenue and profits with complete transparency, 2) ensuring staff and clients gain new knowledge and expertise that makes the process fun and rewarding, and 3) providing upward mobility to staff who are motivated to succeed.

The outcome: over 150 casino properties throughout North America worked with Marketing Results. “Their loyalty helped us succeed through 9-11, the horrible economy of 2009 and Covid 19 with the restrictions imposed on customers, business enterprises and our co-workers,” said Gary.

“We encounter and solve problems that stem from a variety of sources. The people that collaborate to solve the problems make the work fun. Over 34 years we have identified a core of people and companies that help us achieve success efficiently. Today I seek out opportunities to work with new partners and to apply current innovations to enhance the communications process and channels, while improving budget efficiency.”

Ever-evolving target
“Technology has changed the way consumers behave. And this constant change and behavioral shifts are what I love about my job. It’s ever-evolving. We study and tap into cycles-of-service that benefit from emerging consumer behaviors. There is no doubt that Covid created massive behavioral changes. We changed too. Zoom meetings are the norm. But this conserves resources and time in ways unimaginable just 30 months ago.”

Focus groups are a component of Marketing Result’s business. Using Zoom, Google Meet and other platforms enables casino clients to reduce costs by eliminating the remote facilities and their costs. Gamblers no longer need to travel to the market research location. Weather and Covid concerns are eliminated. Timelines are significantly shortened. “Gamblers provide rich texture to their needs and desires. Every group reveals new opportunities to improve the player experience and build loyalty,” said Gary.

Growing wiser over 3 decades
“I’ve been studying loyalty for decades, it’s why I’m good at my job. They say, ‘growing older is mandatory; growing wiser is optional’. I have enjoyed applying new solutions to old problems. The challenge motivates and inspires me.

When you launch a business that reaches 3 decades of success, it is a labor of love. As new challenges emerge, we continue to rise to the occasion.”

Loyalty isn’t just at the core of what Gary studies, it is at the center of all of his relationship. “We genuinely enjoy our clients and believe they feel the same way. Many of our staff have children we have known from infancy through college. I can’t emphasize the importance of that enough.”

Unwavering loyalty to evolving
Gary is also enthused by trying new things, and Gary’s new things aren’t easy. His hobbies, the way he likes to unwind, still require complex and detailed processes. “I really enjoy learning in my private life.”

“Flying various aircraft, sailing, fishing and travel are four of my passions. Much of that was curtailed by Covid. I had just completed the purchase of a sailboat in South Africa when Covid hit. The San Diego Bay was closed when the boat arrived. Travel was restricted. But that challenge presented a new opportunity. At some point we knew the country would re-open. People would be eager for an entertainment experience but may be reluctant to venture far from home. We turned the boat into a charter business, hired a Captain resulting in corporate and individual bookings two months out. In the meantime, after having additional online time during Covid, I’m focusing on culinary skills, applying Master-Class lessons. Duck breast with roasted endive and paella are a few of my favorites.”

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