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Meet Rebecca

Meet Rebecca

Meet Rebecca. She is the Director of Client Services at Marketing Results. Her job on paper is to develop and execute casino clients’ database marketing solutions including analytics, digital and direct strategies, promotions and advertising. Her superpower is nurturing client relationships–at her core, she is a nurturer, a mother.

When asked what Rebecca likes most about her job, she replied, “I love working with the casino clients. They truly are partners to MRI." And just like she loves nurturing a client relationship, she also loves nurturing a casino database and the strategies it requires. “There is an excitement when presenting strategies for casino marketing. And an even bigger level of excitement when you get to assist them in implementing and managing the strategies and see the casino revenue increase.”

Strategy, however, does not implement itself. It takes the vision and coordination of a “mom” to ensure all of the moving pieces fall into place to execute. “I’m good at my job because I have a teenager in sports, ha!”.

"It takes 100% coordination to manage everything with clients, and a child, school and sports–and it also requires the ability to pivot when needed, and often. “Pivoting” came in very handy once COVID-19 arrived.”

When to pivot in casino marketing

“Pivoting became a common word once COVID-19 hit. We were all dealing with a situation that we had never experienced in our lives  and in our businesses. With all the casinos shut down we had to develop strategies on how to reopen and then how to run the casinos once they were reopened in the middle of a pandemic.” 

“Life in the casino world is a 24/7/365 business, so over the past 25+ years I’ve learned how to handle sudden challenges. At that time, many executives assumed that everything had to change. Operationally that was true, but that was not really the case in casino marketing. Casino marketing has main principles we follow and although we adjusted during the pandemic, we held true to the lifecycle strategies for casino database marketing; Prospects, Acquisition Retention, Faders, Inactive/Defectors.”

Marketing became more innovative in communications and embraced digital opportunities, while sticking to the principles–very similarly to how parents and children needed to innovate their norm. When schools did open up again, not everything looked the same–but there were new opportunities.

“Sports eventually started again, but with many new restrictions. After the two months of closures, my daughter decided to retire from her role as an optional gymnast and try something new…volleyball! She had to pivot from a sport where you are going for an individual goal to a team environment where everyone has to contribute to achieve success.” 

Happy Mother’s Day from Marketing Results

Through it all, Rebecca and the casino world, and parents from near and far have had their endurance tested through this trying time. We have proven that we are stronger than we thought and more flexible, more innovative–we have the agility of a “mom”. 

To all the moms that make the world run, thank you. And thank you for visiting our casino marketing blog.

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