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meet amy

Meet Amy. Amy is the Director of Digital Products at Marketing Results. “I'm responsible for the strategy and execution of Marketing Results' websites, player portals, mobile applications, email campaigns, landing pages, gamified offers, and other new software design and development projects.” Sounds straightforward, but it moves at the speed of innovation. The possibilities are endless in the realm of casino digital marketing.

“Much like life, casino digital marketing moves pretty fast, so my curiosity and desire to understand how things work helps keep us on top of the latest technologies and opportunities,” said Amy. “I'll never forget the moment I saw my first website download into a Netscape browser—the sense of possibility I felt in that moment was incredible.”

Going digital, or moving analog services into digital, is something that Marketing Results, a casino marketing agency, does often and well, benefiting both the casino client and the clients’ casino players. “I view technology as a means through which we can connect and communicate with each other in new and exciting ways.” 

It’s All A Game

Gamified offers are a fun example of how we combine the interactive capabilities of digital with the campaign management and analysis capabilities in AIM,” said Amy.

“Creating interactive games gives casino customers the experience of winning online, whether it's via an email campaign or within the player portal. But while the experience begins as digital, the offers are meant to be redeemed at the property, so they drive traffic back to the casino.” The ultimate goal of the communications strategy. 

Gamified offers are fun, but are also very strategic. Marketing Results uses the casino campaign management features in AIM to create the offers based on player worth, and then use AIM's analysis tools to track the redemption data and compare it against more traditional campaigns.

“We began working on this product after our animated holiday card led to a monthly birthday campaign for one of our casino marketing clients. As we began to feed variable content into these communications we asked ourselves what else we could do using customer data and casino marketing strategies.”

This product has been highly successful, with open and click-through rates at about 40% and response rates equal to or greater than successful print campaigns.

Digital Innovation is Fueled by Curiosity

Digital innovations and products at Marketing Results are more than creations—they are solutions for casino client needs and bolster the casino brand. They solve real world business problems that take place in the physical world or casino environment and create a digital solution that can be accessed 24 hours a day. “I enjoy the creativity and problem solving that goes into creating products and experiences that meet customers’ needs and business goals.”

"For example, we’ve designed a quick and fun visual tool for casino players to see how close they are to earning their next card level.” On the backend, Marketing Results casino technology breaks down the earnings program, maps out different scenarios (ex: what happens when a customer needs to earn enough points to maintain their existing card), and defines the triggers that will prompt an alert notifying the player when they are close to or earning a new card.

“I've always been driven by curiosity and the desire to make things. As a writer and designer I'm in love with words and images, and this propels me to find creative ways to help our clients communicate with customers,” said Amy.

Curiosity doesn’t work a 9-5

“I tend to have a lot of interests and have never committed to one specific hobby. I am happiest when I'm reading a book (as a former English major I read a ton, and yes, I read printed books!) or when I'm making things. That could be working in a sketchbook or on a writing piece, or it could be gardening, baking, or going for a long walk and taking pictures.”

In an industry that isn’t all about work, Amy finds solutions in the most unexpected places—in her own way of “play”. “Feeding my creativity when I'm not at work helps me bring that same level of enthusiasm and excitement into the projects we do at Marketing Results. Exploring a personal writing or design project often gives me ideas that carry over into client work. It's also important for me to balance out the time I spend designing on a screen with doing other hands-on creative projects.”

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