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Let’s Get The Game Spinning

Let’s Get The Game Spinning

Let’s Get The Game Spinning

Even at the ripe old age of 5,519, the Wheel still tops lists as the most important invention of all time. And when it comes to gamified offers, of the many creative approaches we’ve taken, the wheel tops the list here too.

People are excited to spin a wheel.

From a roulette wheel to Wheel of Fortune®, the Price Is Right® to the Game of Life, a thorough list of examples where wheels directly correlate to excitement, anticipation, and fun would take up half the internet. That thought, of course, is precisely why the simple wheel and gamification get along like gin and tonic, mashed potatoes and gravy – people naturally gravitate towards the thrills and appeal of the unknown created by games, and wheels are an ideal mechanism to foster those emotions.

The point is, casinos stand to enjoy many benefits from gamification to engage their audience other than the casino floor itself, engaging their audience and breeding brand loyalty along the way. Incorporating gamified offers into your content mix breathes new life into your digital communications you use to communicate with your players.

Below are three distinct reasons why apps, email, and websites stand to gain so much from gamified offers. Like it or not, an offer is just an offer until you give it an enticing push – maybe a spinning wheel and bouncing ball. That’s when it can become downright combustible as long as incomparable experience leads the way.

1. They Enhance the Way Your Casino Already Markets to Your Gamblers

You’re already marketing to your gamblers with messaging, service levels, incentives, and promotions. Using gamified promotions allows you to do what you’re already doing. Just better.

Gaming-themed promotions work for casinos that want to engage their customers and specifically target their casino players. For example, you can design and offer a prize wheel game once a month, using a revolving strategy with new creative to keep it fresh and appealing. This approach allows you to continually update and personalize the offer, just like your other marketing communications like newsletters and emails. Also, you don't need a tech expert to change the design since it can be as easy as updating the profile picture and cover art on your Facebook page. In that sense, game ideas used to lead gamblers to your app are limitless, providing ongoing positive impact from a one-time effort.

2. It Will Move Your Gamblers Towards Digital Communications vs. Print

Incorporating gamified offers into your app makes it a gateway for converting potential users into loyal customers visiting your casino and hotel and, just as importantly, compel them to repeat that experience often. Games attract the millennial demographic – a growing marketing demographic – but they appeal to an older demographic as well. Give people something fun to do on their phones, and they’ll start using your app again and again. Once they become more familiar with how it works, they’ll start exploring other functions and options. This is your opportunity to phase in other features like geo-fencing, targeted offers, and direct real-time communications. Connect to your players regularly and let them anticipate something great is about to happen. They’re still winning even when they are not on the casino floor.

3. Your Offers Will Experience Higher Response Rates

Gamified offers and promotions drive more traffic, pure and simple. Think of them as an octane boost for your marketing and engagement. In fact, MRI’s own results reveal click-through rates on emails using gamified content exceeding 40%. Of course, these results are readily replicated on your own app as long as the design and impact are on point. Games pull people in to play and make them feel entertained, and if you offer gamified promotions, you can continue to convey that winning feeling to your players. That benefit helps build the foundation for a powerful, recognizable brand that stands out from the competition.

If we’ve piqued your interest and you now want to see what gamified promotions can do for your app and other marketing channels, give MRI a call. We might not reinvent the wheel, but we sure know how to make it work for you, your brand, and your customers.

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