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A Win-Win Marketing Friendship

A Win Win Marketing Friendship

A Win-Win Marketing Friendship

In last week’s post, we discussed the TV show Cheers and how its iconic catchphrase, “where everyone knows your name," has often been brought up in casino brand strategy meetings. The phrase serves as a brand ideal for many casino marketers who want their place to be thought of as one that values its guests. They want their own version of that catchphrase that will spark that same joy in a customer’s mind. The challenge is finding an effective way to spread that joy. As noted in the last post, it won’t be achieved simply by typesetting words under your logo. You’ll need to consistently deliver an experience that inspires word-of-mouth marketing.

The TV show that brings the most familiarity to me is Friends. Their signature theme song, I’ll be There For You, brings it home and makes you feel part of the family because there is no one that knows you and will be there for you like your friends.

It can be a conflict of interest, however, for the casino to become a friend rather than a business to the customer and somewhat stalling if you are trying to bring in new business. Yet, being the friend is not the casino’s role, it is the customers’.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing in the Digital Age

Most people believe that in this day and age, online and social media marketing accounts for most their business. However, studies[i] have shown only 7% of word-of-mouth happens online. 92% happens in person and directly to the person they believe the information would be most relevant. Let’s be honest, we know our friends and family better than any data collected by Google or Facebook. We know their actions, like whether they are looking for a new yoga studio or place to have fun, rather than every thought that pops in their heads.

Google might know that Joey is a 30-year-old actor living in Manhattan with an interest in food, but it doesn’t know all the details like Chandler, Ross, Monica, Phoebe and Rachel. If Rachel hears of a new all you can eat buffet for a low price, she is going to go straight to Joey to tell him about it. She doesn’t go to Ross, Monica, Chandler or Phoebe. She goes to the person who the information is most likely to serve.

Deliver a Consistent High Quality Experience

You might be thinking, “Okay, but what does this have to do with marketing on the casino end?” The best way to get a rave review is by giving a consistent branded experience that the customer can expect every time. If a customer has a quality experience every single time they are in the door, they are more likely to talk about it with their friends. They come once, they’re impressed. They come the second time, they become loyal customers. They come a third time and they become fans. Once they feel connected to your casino, they will pass on the information to the people they know will want to come in and will become just as loyal as they are to your casino.

Consistency is key. You may have heard it many times before but it doesn’t make it any less true. Here at MRI, we have a highly experienced creative team that will make the marketing brand something that you are proud and that works. A consistent brand helps people recognize your casino and catch on to your message.

Have Incentives for Loyal Customers to Refer

Another way that your casino can help the “friendly advice” move along is having a reason for the customer to refer a friend. Gamblers love to win and you can make winning a small incentive easy by just referring friends! We have some great referring campaigns that have proven to work through data and real results. They vary from Free Play to gifts, and dinner vouchers. You tell us what you want to give and we’ll make it happen in a way that will get you the best return.

Give Customers Something to Talk About

Lastly, make a splash. People are always more likely to talk about something that is BIG. Red Bull as a company is continuously talked about because of the crazy outdoor stunts they pull. The Power Ball is a huge topic of conversation when it comes around because of its massive size. Create your own hype. Think outside the box to keep customers entertained, or have the most enticing giveaways and jackpots in your region. Give the people something to say and us something to market for you.

These tips are meant to aid your customer in helping you gain more clientele but it is also a way for you to show your customer appreciation and thank them for being loyal to you. They’ll be there for you if you are there for them, and that is true friendship.

[i] Word of mouth is the primary factor: Bughin, Jacques, JonathonDoogan, and Ole JorgenVetvik (2010), “A New Way to Measure Word-of-Mouth Marketing,” McKinsley Quarterly.

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