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Meet our Casino Marketing Agency Vice President of Operations


Meet Meg. She is the Vice President of Operations, and at Marketing Results–that means she oversees it all. From fulfillment to client-based marketing projects, and most importantly, the marketing and production staff and contractors at Marketing Results’ two offices. 

“My job is quick-paced, but when I have a moment to reflect–what I enjoy the most–is the team we’ve built at MRI. It is a team that has been together for over a decade…maybe nearing two decades–which means we work as a force. Filling in for one another, figuring out a solution. And when we’re in it, it’s like we can read each other's minds.”

Clairvoyance comes through experience. When Meg isn’t mind reading, she’s displaying good, fair and just judgment and decision making skills. “I’m self-motivated and reliable, and I always have been. But that doesn’t mean we don’t run into problems,” said Meg. 

“Over the years, I’ve trained myself to be calm under pressure–even if issues arise. Ultimately that’s because I care for the people around me, and the outcomes for the client.” 

To get an even better understanding for the client and the client needs, Meg leads the market research services for casino clients. By analyzing the market, the competitors and the players, Marketing Results is better suited to make recommendations that move the needle on casino clients’ marketing.

It isn’t always a pressure-cooker for Meg. She loves to travel. “Both my husband and I (and now our son) love to get away and see new places and explore. Love the beach and amusement parks, but also museums and historic sites. We love checking out different hotels and restaurants. Besides my work in the casino industry, my love of travel and hotels was a reason I got my Masters in Hospitality Administration.”

“In order to build a beautiful experience, things must fall into place on the surface–and behind the scenes, systems must be in place. Everyone has to do their job, and be accountable to one another. That’s what we have here at Marketing Results.”

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