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First, I did not use AI to write this blog post. But, during the research of this blog post, I did learn a lot about how AI, artificial intelligence, is affecting the casino gaming industry, and more specifically, casino marketing.

Let’s start from the beginning, what is AI? defines it as “Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. Specific applications of AI include expert systems, natural language processing, speech recognition and machine vision.” 

Now, how might AI enhance your casino marketing efforts?

Let’s apply it. It can help better target specific types of casino players, create messages, replicate and enhance creative design and it can improve upon these efforts as more data is available and analyzed. In other words, things that can be automated. But just because something can be automated, should it be?

AI can take the player out of the game; but in doing so, deliver not so “human” results. Trending now are snafus of marketing generated by AI like ChatGPT or visual tools that can leave the player, the customer, feeling duped. 

Think about it. Do you want to spend time and money at a place that isn’t spending that time and money to create the best experience possible? People don’t see themselves as cookie-cutter, and they don’t want their marketing to be cookie-cutter-generated, either. People also don’t want to feel the AI—like the example below:


There’s nothing fake about our casino marketing intelligence.

Being more targeted is at the center of what makes Marketing Results tick. Data, analytics, more data, insights—is how we get smarter and how we are able to create better marketing results.

We’ve been doing this for a long time. We even have our own way of making your casino marketing smarter, more targeted. Except, we call it AIM®, and the “AI” means Advanced Intelligence—AIM is Advanced Intelligence for the casino marketing world. And our “A” isn’t artificial—our “A” is advanced, intelligence marketing backed by over 30 years of experience. 

Why is AIM better than AI?

AIM is more than machine learning of automation, Marketing Results AIM, a casino marketing CRM, has been purposefully designed by humans that know the casino industry best. Marketing Results’ AIM is human intelligence, coupled with experience and brought home with real-life, been-in-your-shoes, insight.

With AIM you can predict the future based on the past—much like AI, we, as a casino marketing agency, get smarter with time. With Marketing Results you get real data, real analysis, real results. 

Here’s a case study:  

A southwest casino was using a complex algorithm to determine player worth and assign offer values. However, the program left the players club unable to explain why frequent customers often received lower offers instead of higher ones.

Using AIM’s campaign management software, the in-house marketing team was able to develop a consistent strategy based on actual player worth. The team applied criteria to mimic their original structure and budget, but in a way that promoted additional gaming rather than simply rewarding past play.

AIM’s casino analytics tools unlock real, actionable intelligence from your casino’s database. With AIM you can identify patterns and create response analysis—all with the confidence that behind AIM are people that know casinos, know casino marketing and most importantly, know the game.

Marketing Results is a full-service, consulting agency that delivers data analysis and strategy, to the communications and creative needed to execute on the best plan to reach your casino players.

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