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Building Your Casino Marketing Plan: What’s Changed in a Year?


Have you ever thought about how much changes in a year? All of the little things that become significant. Or the big things that cause immediate impact?

Look at babies. The differences between a newborn and a one-year-old. The monumental developmental changes between a two-year-old and a three-year-old. Your casino’s life–not dissimilar. Your player’s lives. Your casino database, economic factors and competitors. All in a state of constant change.

Impacted by many factors, a casino and the people it serves can change drastically in a year. It is true not all change is growth but change itself remains a constant. How much change did your casino go through last year?  Has your team delved into this important planning question?

Developing annual strategic goals

You should. You’re responsible for strategic planning and setting the marketing budget, right? It’s the time of year where casino management is working to plan out larger strategic goals and objectives and set the budget for next year.

“Crafting an effective casino marketing plan requires historical insights and strategic vision. Analyzing past strategies and outcomes empowers us to allocate resources wisely, ensuring that even if the budget remains constant, its distribution evolves to shape a winning strategy for the new year,” says Rebecca Perger, Marketing Results Inc.’s, Director of Account Services.

There are two types of reviews that we, as a casino marketing agency, recommend performing to gain clear insights in planning for the coming year: a direct marketing assessment and a database analysis.

What does a direct marketing assessment look like?

The direct marketing assessment involves working together with the expertise of our casino marketing agency and tapping into your data and the decades of knowledge and competitive advantage that we bring to the table.

Here’s how it works. Our team evaluates database marketing operations, and the decision-making processes used to plan, execute, and evaluate database marketing efforts. "Through this process, the direct marketing assessment emerges as a powerful channel,” says Rebecca. “The assessment harnesses the potential of your recent campaigns while drawing upon decades of our acquired knowledge to align your strategies and budget to achieve your goals. Through this process, we identify the pathways to success."

During the assessment, we will review each core database strategy and the relative impact on player acquisition and retention over time. We analyze:

  • Current direct marketing strategies
  • Criteria used for direct mail segmentation
  • Customer segments not currently receiving direct mail
  • Player reinvestment, i.e., direct mail offer award structure
  • Processes for creating and maintaining campaigns
  • Response analysis and use in planning and monitoring program profitability
  • Use of internal and external list sources to expand the reach of database strategies 

The result–a comprehensive review of current processes and specific, actionable recommendations to accelerate growth for the following year. A blueprint of how you should allocate your budget and plan to achieve the results you desire.

How can my property benefit from database analysis?

The power lies in coupling the direct marketing assessment with a database analysis. At Marketing Results, the database analysis offering tracks the complete rated history of every individual casino player over the past 24 months by player life-stage. Life-stages include: Prospects, New Members, Active Players, Faders, and Inactive Players.

"We unlock a new level of insights through our database analysis. The true potential emerges when we intertwine the findings of the direct marketing assessment with this analysis.” Craig Border, President of Marketing Results, says, “Our database analysis delves into the entire rated history of each casino player, spanning the last 24 months, categorized across distinct player life stages. The collective findings of the database analysis and direct marketing assessment provides a roadmap for growth planning and strategic decisions."

Reports created by our casino database experts clearly illustrate player trends, offer actionable player segment profiles, and reveal opportunities to improve and expand the database while measuring all the revenue and reinvestment costs. Recommendations focus on targeting reinvestment to immediately improve returns. Reports are comprehensive and include:

  • Player Trends
  • Customer Life Cycle
  • Player Migration
  • Geographic Mapping
  • Top Performing Cities
  • 13-Month Performance
  • Day Of Week
  • Player Reinvestment 

Our team summarizes the findings from the database analysis and direct marketing assessment into a comprehensive report. The final report includes a set of recommendations designed to improve player retention and achieve future growth.

"Partnering with Marketing Results for a Direct Marketing assessment and database analysis was a game-changer for our business. Their expertise not only helped us uncover hidden opportunities within our customer data but also provided actionable insights that allowed us to tailor our marketing strategies more effectively.

The team's thorough approach and attention to detail gave us a comprehensive understanding of our customer base, enabling us to make informed decisions that directly impacted our ROI. Their services are an investment that every business should consider for a competitive edge." Peter Riverso, General Manager.

With the knowledge you will gain from a direct marketing assessment and a casino database analysis, you can grow exponentially smarter and sharper in a year, empowered by your own data and a deeper understanding of the changes taking place at your casino.

Interested in hearing more about how Marketing Results can help your property achieve your goals? Don't hesitate to contact us.  We look forward to speaking with you. 

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