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Your Casino Holiday Marketing To-Do-List


Checking it twice, gonna find out who’s…ahead of the holiday-rush-in-their-casino-marketing.

Scurrying to pull together holiday promotions and communications is not the way to relax and enjoy the holiday season at your casino. But planning ahead, getting it done, and rolling out the cheer–certainly makes it the best time of the year.

Much of the magic of getting ahead lies in leveraging digital marketing. With Marketing Results, a casino marketing agency, you can create and build your holiday-themed assets–and then scale them across the holiday season calendar. Allowing your holiday work to-do’s to get done, even before the pumpkins are carved.

To kickstart your holiday preparations, don’t hesitate to reach out to Marketing Results. We’re here to assist with all your direct marketing and digital marketing requirements for the holiday season. In addition to providing year-round casino consulting services, we also can help you with database marketing, player portals, PWAs, growth planning and market research.

If you are not already underway with your casino holiday marketing planning, here is a little gift to you, we’ve compiled our tried-and-true list of what to do.

  1. Send a holiday message to your casino players full of holiday cheer. Send personalized holiday greetings to your loyal casino players via email, or strategically crafted and branded direct mail.  Then consider hosting a special holiday-themed customer appreciation event and promote it via social media. Marketing Results can help across all the casino marketing channels, beyond traditional print and mail.
  2. Develop a comprehensive holiday email series paired with captivating landing pages. Develop a casino-focused holiday email marketing series that encompasses teaser messages, gift reveals, holiday gaming promotions, and reminders about upcoming casino events.
  3. Map out your holiday promotions. What compliments your Q4 goals? What do your player tiers need to play more, to win more? Lay out the calendar, layer promotions, and incentives that please the player and get you to your end-of-year goals.
  4. Create the holiday theme alongside your casino brand. Have some fun and be sure to sprinkle in all of the extras you can. Incorporate the theme into all casino marketing materials, including creative design, emails, and promotion messaging.
  5. Promote your gift card services and how casino players and visitors can purchase them as an ideal holiday gift for friends and family. Schedule email campaigns and social posts for Cyber Monday and again as the days tick down to the gift-giving holidays. Marketing Results can help create a program that delights your players.
  6. Determine your casino holiday gifts. Then incentivize. How will players play and earn the best gifts you are offering? Carefully curate a range of enticing holiday gifts, such as electronics, giveaways, or exclusive casino experiences. Consider perks for VIP players to encourage higher stakes.
  7. Transform your casino surroundings into a holiday delight, setting the stage for a truly festive season. Revamp your casino into a winter wonderland or a holiday extravaganza, weaving the holiday theme into every aspect, from the gaming floor to restaurants and lounges. Host special events like tree lighting ceremonies, or themed entertainment nights.
  8. Relax and enjoy your holiday season alongside your unstressed colleagues. Start now and complete the work together with Marketing Results, checking things off the list, so you can all celebrate the holidays with a fun holiday work party. Cheers. 

Allow us to extend our warmest holiday wishes to you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Marketing Results today for assistance in managing your holiday marketing agenda, and stay connected with us for a continuous stream of valuable casino marketing insights throughout the entire year.

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