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Turn Your Casino’s Creative Into an All-Pro Marketing QB


So football is officially back, meaning productivity on Sundays grinds to a halt for the foreseeable future. Some are coming out of the gate strong and others aren’t performing as predicted. Could be jitters, or not performing together as a team…or, they are ill-prepared. They aren’t ready for prime-time.

That is a lesson that crosses off the field and something that casinos and casino marketers can take to heart. Building your brand and engaging your casino players takes preparation and expertise to ensure your messaging is on-point at all times. 

But how does a casino go about doing that? How can it improve its chances of playing like a well-oiled team? Naturally, your creative plays an instrumental role in that particular equation, breathing life into your print, digital media, casino advertising and any other marketing channels you might employ.

So on that note, given the importance of creative in your casino’s marketing and player engagement, we’ve collected a few ideas to help you organize and analyze your thoughts to prepare for a thorough, no-holds-barred sit down with a creative expert. Use these ideas to help transform your creative and casino brand into a unique, powerful, and enduring asset that keeps you prepared and successful.

Pick the Best Coach

Just like any part of your operations, your casino marketing strategy requires planning and foresight to meet its goals, especially when it comes to the creative in your messaging. For that reason, the creative coaches here at Marketing Results have prepared a list of items and concepts to consider as you take a look at your marketing creative. As you review our list, look for opportunities for new designs, rebranding, new messaging, or anything else that might revitalize your brand and put a fresh bounce in its step.

However, you review your creative to reinvigorate your marketing, though, the following conversation starters will prove to be invaluable for maximizing impact. An open and honest conversation about your marketing creative with professionals could very well influence your brand’s success in the coming years.

Discussion Points To Consider Before Developing New Creative Direction

Does your casino advertising:

Accurately portray who you are and all that your casino offers?
Is it aligning with your brand today, and where you want it to go in the future?
Match customer perception?
Depict the customer experience in a way that resonates as honest and authentic?
Have a unique voice in your marketplace?
Present messaging relevant to your target audience?

Are you:

Validating your loyal customers’ decision to choose your brand of fun?
Achieving your casino’s business goals?
Attracting new gamblers?
Bringing back current and old customers?

Having these discussions and organizing the feedback will help make the next step, your actual creative meeting, as productive as possible. Aside from those points, also be aware of your frame of mind before and during the session. Open and honest conversations aren’t always pleasant but, as the casino industry itself demonstrates, brands that are open-minded, willing to reverse course when needed, and can make good on marketing miscues often end up on top.

Let’s Draft The Creative Playbook Together

As for your meeting with creative specialists, use our sample creative questionnaire as your guide throughout your conversation. Hit a range of topics like the ones we cover in the survey, and you’ll walk away with targeted insights on your brand, your creative, and how they work in conjunction with one another. Most importantly, you’ll have a far better perspective on what you can do to improve your marketing impact.


Don’t Waste a Single Play

The best teams on the gridiron are those that never stop reaching and preparing. If a play doesn't work, they don't waste the opportunity but learn from it instead. If your old ways aren’t working anymore, it’s time for reinvention and to change things up to see what your casino brand is really capable of. Creative plays a pivotal role in that process, breathing life into your marketing, engaging your target casino player database, and separating you from the pack. A well-informed creative team should produce effective and thoughtful creative that grabs the viewer’s attention. And once you have that attention, your messaging must stay relevant to retain it.

Call a team meeting and take the opportunity to sit down and discuss a comprehensive creative strategy that transforms your brand and success. Be sure to make the necessary changes to your creative and branding that will let your brand soar. Players need to know what makes your casino unique with creative that invokes excitement, fun, and everything your brand strives for and represents. And above all else, don’t settle for a continuing string of loss, instead, put in the prep time and let your creative be your star quarterback.

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