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How to Successfully Take a Casino Loyalty Program Online with a Player Portal

Adaptation is key to staying ahead and with casinos recognizing this, one casino took a bold step towards modernization by implementing an Online Player Portal with Marketing Results. This digital marketing strategy marked a departure from traditional casino marketing methods, shifting towards a more accessible and personalized approach. The transition aimed not only to streamline communication but also to enrich the player experience by providing 24/7 access to account information, exclusive offers, and tier status updates. Delving into the methodology behind this transformative endeavor, we uncover the strategic maneuvers and innovative tactics that propelled its success. From leveraging digital data to crafting targeted email campaigns, every step was meticulously designed to enhance player engagement and drive revenue. Join us as we explore the journey of this casino, from the inception of its Player Portal to the remarkable results that ensued.


The implementation of an online player portal was a successful casino marketing strategy for this property in the Pacific Northwest. By transitioning their loyalty program from traditional direct mail to digital communication, the casino was able to provide players with 24/7 access to their account information, current offers, tier status and more. The objectives of developing a marketing strategy for transitioning offers to digital communication, educating players on how to view offers, and ensuring that the digital transition did not negatively affect offer response or revenue.


The methodology used to achieve these objectives included emphasizing digital data collection and use, implementing a reliable email marketing system through AIM®, our casino marketing software, developing the online player portal functionality, identifying, and resolving potential obstacles, and continuously optimizing the message through various channels.

The success of the casino player portal and the transition to digital communication can also be attributed to the development of a mid-month email campaign and the inclusion of targeted messages. The mid-month email campaign was designed to inform qualifiers for the Active casino loyalty program that they still had offers available in the month. This email included a direct link to the online portal login page and deployed on the 15th of each month. The campaign not only reminded players of available offers but also increased registrations and logins on the day of deployment and the day after.

Additionally, the messages sent through the player portal always included a Welcome Message to newly registered patrons. In February 2023, the casino began to incorporate entertainment and promotional messages as well as targeted messages to select groups like hosted players or players invited to receive free gifts. This approach allowed the property to provide a more personalized experience for their patrons and increase engagement in the portal.


The presented results and conclusions highlight the positive outcomes of implementing an online player portal and transitioning to digital communication in a casino context. Here's a breakdown of the key findings and takeaways:

Player Portal Engagement:

  • Over 15,000 players registered for the online player portal.
  • On average, 25% of users were active each month.
  • The portal saw around 6,000 logins per month on average. 

VIP Contribution:

  • 15% of the engaged players belonged to the top 2 VIP tiers in the Players Club.
  • These VIP players generated 56.5% of the Theoretical Win over a 12-month period. 

Age Demographics:

  • 66% of players engaged in the portal were age 50 and above.
  • This age group contributed 67.5% of the Theoretical Win over 12 months.

Email Campaign Effectiveness:

  • A mid-month email campaign led to an 85% increase in registrations.
  • The same campaign resulted in an 87% increase in logins and a 32% increase in offers read.
  • Additional messages in February 2023 led to an 80% increase in messages read.


Adapting to Changing Times:

The success of the online player portal underscores the importance of staying up to date with technology trends and adjusting business strategies accordingly. Adapting to changing times can help businesses effectively connect with customers.

Personalized Experience:

The casino's ability to offer a convenient and personalized experience to patrons through the online portal led to various positive outcomes, including cost savings, heightened engagement, increased revenue, and enhanced customer loyalty.

Importance of Timely Communication:

The results of the mid-month email campaign show that providing customers with relevant and timely information is crucial. By informing players about available offers and conveying personalized messages, the casino achieved higher engagement and loyalty.

Lessons for Digital Transition:

The success of this case study offers valuable insights for other casinos aiming to transition to digital communication. Strategies such as targeted messaging and personalization can help provide a smoother and more engaging transition for customers.

In summary, this demonstrates how embracing technology such as a casino player portal and adapting communication methods can lead to significant positive outcomes for casinos, particularly in terms of engagement, loyalty, and revenue generation. The findings also emphasize the importance of tailoring messages to customers' preferences and keeping up with their evolving needs.

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