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Communications That Supercharge The Image Of Your Casino

Communications That Supercharge Your Casino's Image

No casino ever lost a customer by listening too hard.

I agree with the sentiments of most communications specialists regarding the skill set of listening. Listening is more than 50% of a successful dialogue with customers--it is the key to customer satisfaction.

Digital, social and mobile media create the opportunity to gauge the operational effectiveness of a casino, in real time. By keeping track of (and listening to) customers, casino management can anticipate problems and influence outcomes.

Social media allows for incredible insight into casino operations. Somewhat similar to the way real time video surveillance enables casino operators to watch casino minute-to-minute activities, social media creates the opportunity to receive immediate feedback from customers. Both forms of media will allow casino operators to take anticipatory/corrective action in an expedited manner.

However, we often see negative and damaging posts go unanswered by casino management.

The following example is based an actual events—the actual casino shall remain nameless:

A customer commented on the casino's Facebook wall that the casino "likely had bedbugs." The post was there for all visitors to see...for weeks. Since many gamblers/travelers visit casino websites before planning a trip, this information was incredibly damaging. Yet the suggestive comment remained live and unaddressed.

By engaging the customer the same day, the casino could have immediately reversed what turned into a damaging public relations oversight.

What would have been a more suitable response?

Dear (Insert Customer Name Here),
Thank you for bringing your observation to our attention. I spend a great amount of my time inspecting our rooms and restaurants to maintain the highest standard possible for our customers. I would like to assure you that we do not have any pest control issues on our property. Should you ever decide to stay at our hotel, I would take great pride in personally inspecting your room with you. If you would like to contact me through our hotel operator at 1-800-555-1234, I would appreciate the opportunity to personally assure you that your visit will be an enjoyable experience.
Thank you.
Hotel Manager

Becoming a pro-active participant in the conversation enables casino management to position the casino in a more desirable light. Critics and naysayers can never be totally silenced, but a superior management team should never let negative comments go unchallenged. An unanswered post made by a disgruntled patron will be construed as the truth, if there is no objection. Unchecked negative comments can spread like or off.

Scientific Market Research

Listening to patrons through scientific research is a valuable technique that will grow market share by improving existing communications and reinvestment campaigns. Typical scientific studies are applied in the following ways:

  • Incorporate digital media to match the on-line habits of players
  • Understand and reduce defection
  • Evaluate and improve operations delivery through customer satisfaction measurement
  • Modify media to reach a preferred audience
  • Tailor food or entertainment offerings to attract more valuable customers

Advertising effectiveness studies measure the performance of media and messages. We apply a "waterfall analysis" that measures the following:

  • Top of mind awareness (media reach)
  • Interest in visiting the brand based on the creative (creative effectiveness)
  • Actual visitation (trial and use)
  • Return intent (product experience or satisfaction)
  • Brand preference (market share)

The effectiveness of the advertising results are illustrated below:

Communications That Supercharge Your Image

*The figures in black represent the percentage responses relative to the market of gamblers.

As is clearly illustrated casino "A" has three problems. Media coverage is weak, the message is not compelling and service delivery is converting little loyalty. Casino "A" has just under 6% of the gambling market considering them. Although 60% of those who played prefer the experience, they have only captured 3.4% of the market.

While casino "C" has a reasonable reach, the message is ineffective. Corrective action is clearly identified for both casinos "A" and "C". Casino "B", in this instance, is dominant with the largest share.

Keeping Customers Happy

Customer Satisfaction studies measure the experience to keep operators in real world and cloud casinos abreast of their gamblers' experience. These studies are easily managed online and they will guide operators to solutions earlier, rather than having to solve problems later.


We believe that the key to superior market share and preference should start with a dialogue; the customer should be empowered to play the dominant role.

Every casino should become (and remain) a part of the dialogue through social media channels. This will allow management to immediately address problems with solutions that will position their casino to be the preferred casino.

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