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Facebook Tweaks Algorithm (Again)

Facebook Algorithm Update

It’s that time again. Another tweak to the Facebook algorithm has occurred. Brand managers should take note of this update in regard to the type of status updates that are posted. Text-only status updates will now rank lower. As a result, a decrease in the distribution of these types of stories will take place.

So what are page administrators to do? According to the release from Chris Turitzin, Product Manager at Facebook, page administrators “may see some increases in engagement and distribution for other story types.” Reading between the lines, posts that include links, pictures and/or videos may see an increase in distribution when compared to those that are text-only status updates.

This algorithm change follows another update that Facebook announced just a few months ago: an effort was made to make the newsfeed more interesting to users' respective friends. Unfortunately, this meant showing more status updates from friends, while decreasing the number of updates from brand pages.

Even without this latest Facebook algorithm update, page administrators should already be taking additional statistics into consideration when they are planning a posting schedule: analysis has shown that text-only posts will see up to 40% more interaction/engagement when links, pictures and/or videos are also included.

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