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4 Ways To Drive Your Gamblers Crazy

4 Ways to Drive  Your Gamblers Crazy

4 Ways To Drive Your Gamblers Crazy

Crazy loyal to your casino’s mobile app that is.

Recently, my internet stopped working. If you've ever had a disruption in your home internet service, you may know that "just a troubleshooting" call can easily take two hours. Navigating confusing phone menus is frustrating, and no one likes having to say "no" repeatedly until you get a real, live person on the line.

I didn't make the call immediately, either. I tried the basic tricks. I rebooted the router. I unplugged the modem and counted to "15 Mississippi" before plugging it back in. Unfortunately, these two steps officially exhausted my bag of tricks. It was clear I'd need to make a call so their customer service reps (CSRs) could run specialized tests on my internet service.

My Internet Provider Isn't Subtle About What They're Doing

If the cable company loved taking calls from customers, they'd probably make the process of talking to an agent a lot easier. When I call, it probably costs them about $1 for every minute of their CSR's time. If I use their online troubleshooting page or hack a solution together by Googling my issue, it's virtually free.

Plus, there's the inevitable upsell. I've wondered if they deliberately end calls on a sour note by offering more products, like TV premium channels.

Have you ever played a game of golf that ends perfectly, even though every shot before the last one was awful? It makes you want to play again. My internet provider's upsell has the exact opposite effect, reminding me just how much calling can be a drag.

But There's an App for That?

Luckily, I learned on that long call that my internet provider has an app. They've had an app for a while, but now I'm motivated to go download it because it can do all of the tests I've previously needed to call to access. It seems like everyone's need has been met — I'll never have to spend another afternoon navigating their phone menu, and they'll never have to pay their CSRs for the time it takes to fix my internet.

All of this has a point. What can casinos do to encourage their players to start using their mobile app?

1. Understand Gambler Behavior

If your casino is anything like the average, more than half of your customers are over 50, and 25% may be retired. While 91% of seniors now own a mobile device, they're still a little resistant to your app for a few reasons. They're more likely to be skeptical about the benefits of your mobile app, or may have had trouble learning technology in the past.

2. Create a Need

Unless you can demonstrate a clear reason your gamblers need your loyalty app, they're not going to use it. What constitutes "need"? According to consumer surveys, it's the following factors:

  • 70% want to earn points and discounts just for using an app
  • 75% of customers have redeemed a mobile coupon
  • 77% are more brand loyal if they are "surprised" with points, rewards, or birthday messages

3. Stand Behind Your Promise

You've got to deliver on what your advertising says your app will do. If you promise "exclusive deals" on dining, you'd better generate push notifications with easy-to-redeem coupons. If you're offering "fast customer service," make sure your gambler's messages don't go unnoticed.

4. Offer an App that Works Well

Many casino and business apps are disappointing. You need to deliver the "opposite" of the average app with outstanding app functionality. This means designing an app that's easy for seniors to learn and use with a clean interface, painless checkout process and mindblowingly great personalized offers.


Your gamblers want the best possible experience every time they pay a visit. You want to win customer loyalty. Knowing the "why" behind your customer behavior and filling their needs is the smartest way to approach loyalty app design for your casino.   

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