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The Advantage of Experience

The Advantage of Experience

David Lee Roth was recently on Joe Rogan’s podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, telling three hours of stories about Van Halen, touring, the writing process and pretty much anything else that you can imagine. At one point in the conversation, Roth recalled a time he was asked how long it took him and his Van Halen bandmates to write the song “Runnin’ With The Devil.” He answered with the following:

“Well the true answer is, if you watch a thousand movies, many of them multiple times, if you’ve played thousands and thousands of hours in clubs and bars, if you’ve read, I don’t know, five hundred books, tried to memorize all the good parts… it’d take about 18 minutes.”

A classic Dave response but joking aside, he qualified the statement with, “it’s not the 18 minutes, it’s everything that led up to that.” The writing process was fast and efficient due to the countless hours spent on tour, playing clubs, and each band member continually honing their craft that truly created the song. Bruce Springsteen delivered a similar story in his Netflix’ “Springsteen On Broadway,” saying he and the E Streeters “began” their career on the road after a solid ten years of bar band experience along the Jersey shore. The Beatles were as tight a musical unit as you could get, playing multiple sets every night in Germany for ten years before they were “discovered” on Ed Sullivan in 1964.

Evolve With the Times

There’s something to be said for putting in your time, becoming a battle-tested veteran at your job and coming out an expert because of it. Marketing Results is celebrating its 31st Anniversary, and everything we do for our clients in the constantly-changing casino industry is the result of three decades of rolling up our sleeves, perfecting our craft and evolving in lockstep with the industry itself. Just think about what a typical casino floor looked like 30 years ago and compare it to today’s technology-driven, immersive odes to innovation, excitement and thrills. The difference is night and day, and casinos won’t stop evolving anytime soon.

The same can be said about MRI and casino marketing itself. Our creative team for one has grown from an almost exclusive focus on direct mail design to creating multimedia advertising campaigns, brand identities and market positions, revenue-driving websites, and gambler-centric digital marketing products like mobile apps and data-driven gamified offers. Suffice it to say, we've added much to our creative marketing arsenal.

As the rapid growth of all things digital presents new challenges, we look forward to continue growing together with you, our partners, to help your brand voice and message rise above the rest, meeting the demands of an incredibly dynamic industry and audience. So let’s put our combined experience together and see what our “18 minutes” produces.

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