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Own The Dialogue. Own The Throne.

Own The Dialogue. Own the Throne.

Who will be Triumphant in the Gaming Game of Thrones?

So it all comes to this. After seven seasons of Red Weddings and dragons, breathtaking barbarism and other things not fit for a wholesome blog, the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones is upon us. At the risk of getting just a touch spoilery (consider thyself warned), I’m still processing all of the deceit, backstabbing, and behind-the-scenes maneuvering that’s gotten us to this point in the often slimy but always exhilarating narrative.

Now I won’t be so bold to say that today’s casino industry is as dramatic as Game of Thrones. After all, something like Jon Snow’s true lineage and the impending doom from the Night King and creepy White Walkers is both about as theatrical as they come. However, minus the Jon Arryn angle and, well, executions, there’s something to be said for the constant chess match played out on the show and how it relates to the perpetual battle for casino supremacy. I guess the question I’m getting at is this -- who will be triumphant in the Gaming Game of Thrones, and what is required to take and maintain the title?

A Visceral Experience

With the possible exception of the first few episodes, every time I’ve sat down on the couch to watch Game of Thrones has been an emotional, often visceral experience. Sometimes I’ve flinched from the shock of it all, other times my mouth was left open and gaping, my body demanding oxygen to process the events onscreen.

That’s precisely why people use words like immersive, compelling, and mesmerizing to describe the show. It moves you with its many plot contortions and revelations, forming an emotional bond with the viewer that leaves your eyes glued to your television the next week to see what’s to come.

Casinos can and should follow the show’s lead in that respect. The customer base, both current and potential, wants to be moved. They naturally gravitate towards those compelling brands with immersive messaging that forms connections with the audience. Marketing that breeds both a sense of excitement and familiarity is endearing and enduring, capturing the audience’s gaze with memorable creative and, just as importantly, maintaining it through consistency and appreciation.

Go Big or Go Home

Naturally, that’s why a well-informed, targeted, omnichannel approach to casino marketing is vital in the Gaming Game of Thrones. Between in-bound, social media, apps, email, and traditional mailing efforts, today’s casino audience has a distinct preference over how they want to communicate with a brand. Therefore, for a casino to take the metaphorical Iron Throne, they must excel at messaging across each of those channels, meeting the audience in their preferred environment.

That’s just the beginning of the campaign to wear the crown. Along the way, every message must use creative that not only matches the brand’s tone and voice, but also induces those ever-important emotional responses. Research continues to show that when marketing can form those connections between brand and customer, the audience is more loyal and willing to spend more.

Put another way, a far-reaching, comprehensive casino marketing strategy that incorporates omnichannel communication, impactful creative, engaging events and promotions, and immersive apps puts you on the path to that Iron Throne. Be daring and bold, not afraid to take the road less traveled. Remember, even seemingly sure-fire bets like Rob Stark or Tywin Lanister can and do fall by the wayside.

Wearing the crown requires something extraordinary, flexible to adapt to continually shifting expectations and affinities, while keeping your eye on the ultimate prize and, of course, always engaged and engaging. So what does all of this mean? Follow the lead of possibly the most enthralling show from this new golden age of television and dazzle your audience, leaving them wanting more. And as always, MRI is here to help make sure you reign supreme in Westeros.

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