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The Market Share Throne

The Market Share Throne

Targaryens and Starks and Arryns, oh my. Nine great houses at the starting line but only one Iron Throne. It seems like such a shame that only one can reign supreme but, as they say, such is life. A single coat-of-arms will rule Westeros, and everyone else’s back-stabbing -- both literal and figurative -- will play second fiddle. From that perspective, there definitely seems to be a parallel to the modern casino industry, at least in the race for market share.

Of course, with the possible exception of the Kardashians, real life isn’t quite as dramatic as the battle to rule Westeros, but every bit as impactful. In the end, the machinations of most casinos will fade into the background as only a handful, at best, take the proverbial pole position in market share. Those that find the sweet spot in aligning their brand and messaging with their target audience have a straight shot at the throne. Everyone else might as well be a Baratheon. And yes, that’s a deep cut from GOT canon.

Sure, a distinctive voice is a vital component of a winning formula but, just like in any industry, a casino has to identify the right audience segments to begin with. And that, it seems, is the crux of the Gaming Game of Thrones -- who is your target customer and how do you form lasting connections with them? Simply put, that’s where a potent marketing strategy separates the winners from the also-rans.

To Thy Own Self Be True

Every casino wants to wear the crown and dominate market share but, as the old saying goes, the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry. An unfocused and haphazard approach to your marketing might start with the most sincere and grand of intentions but, as many casinos can attest, that’s a sure-fire way to be exiled from Casino Westeros.

Instead, begin with a good look in the mirror. Understand your brand and voice, or at least what that brand and voice strive to be. Every casino won’t be a perfect match for every customer, and that’s okay. The trick is to identify those market segments that fit you like a glove, the Daenerys Targaryen to your Khal Drogo. In other words, you’re looking for the most lucrative segments that align with your brand.

Granted, this isn’t information that just falls out of the sky and into your lap, but that’s not to say it’s the impossible dream, either. Begin your quest for the market share throne with research, utilizing the grandeur of big data to drill down into the audience and really get to know them. Understand their affinities, what makes them tick, their playing habits and interests, passions and foibles. Build personas that are fleshed-out and thorough, as realistic and sweeping as possible to bring out those vital human elements that will allow you to form strong, lasting connections. From there, your messaging takes the wheel.

Speak Their Language

Once you know who your audience is, then it’s about deploying your message. In this fast-paced, digitized world, where both customer loyalty and attention are about as valuable an asset as you can get, an omnichannel approach that utilizes the full breadth of the digital marketing landscape is the key to the market share castle. Social media, email, inbound, direct mailers, apps, events, and promotions -- they all work in conjunction with one another to connect with the audience through their preferred channel. Likewise, that omnichannel strategy must be cohesive and consistent, speaking your language and staying true to your brand no matter the path.

Does this comprehensive, far-reaching approach to identifying, segmenting, and speaking to your target audience come naturally to most casinos? No, but that thought is true in every industry and in no way exclusive to gaming. It also doesn’t mean that all is lost. That’s what we do at Marketing Results, why we exist in the first place. Your job is to run your floor, build a satisfying culture, maximize employee engagement, and make every customer experience immersive, thrilling, and memorable. Leave them wanting more and build the intent to return and recommend to foster lasting success.

Our job at Marketing Results is to help you build your brand and develop personas, dazzle those ideal customer segments, and create bonds that lead them to your front door in the first place. It’s teamwork, a true partnership and, if we’re being honest, the best way for your casino to sit atop the market share throne. We might not yet know who will ultimately win the battle for the Westeros crown but, when it comes to the casino industry, MRI is a powerful ally to have in your corner.

Contact us for a full demonstration of our AIM® product that will work for you as it has for 35 other casinos. It’s fully customizable to meet your specific data needs in a user-friendly management system and comes backed by our 30+ years of casino marketing experience.

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