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Meet Earl

meet earl

Meet Earl. He is the IT Process Manager at Marketing Results. In other words, he makes our IT run, and without our IT, we can’t work in this ever-evolving digital world. Technology is one of the ways Marketing Results, a casino marketing agency,  connects with their casino clients and connects with one another. If it is broken, Earl will fix it. In fact, this type of problem-solving is how he got into this line of work in the first place.

“I have always been a fan of gadgets and computer games. I’ve grown up with it, and as the gadgets and games evolved with technology, so did my knowledge and love for it. I also love flying drones and playing computer games,” said Earl.

But at one point when I was just starting to get into playing “World of Warcraft '' my hard drive broke.  I had to call a tech to fix the issue. I will never forget the amount I paid. $500.00 just to replace my hard drive. After that incident, I told myself I would never pay to fix my PC again. It jump-started my journey into learning computers.”

Now Earl’s role at Marketing Results is bigger than fixing PCs. His job is about how to efficiently leverage, grow and secure the MRI technology. 

“Since I started in the industry, my goal is to create an IT customer-focused system. Which means, the day to day system functionality must be available to employees at all times.”

Being connected to his family is what Earl loves most. “I spend most of my time with my family after work.  I have a pretty big family so I am busy keeping up with the latest happenings. I have three kids, two sisters, two  brothers, my mom, wife and 4 aunties LOL. And they all live in Vegas! That’s not even mentioning my cousins, nephews, in-laws and nieces.  And, oh yes, our 10 pets!  Big family. We enjoy family gatherings, either backyard BBQ, watching movies or just hangin out.”

But what makes Earl good at his job (beyond the support of his family of course) is his experience. Solving problems. “I enjoy providing solutions from minor to complex issues, seeing the satisfied face of the customers is what gets me up in the morning.”

“Experience is the best teacher. School gives you the basics, experience defines your career.  I have been in my industry for 25 years, I started from the bottom up. Seeing and experiencing the dynamic world of IT hardened my skills to cope with the worst situations.”

With this much experience, Earl doesn’t have to cope with the worst situations, he avoids them. Skill and experience allow him to see what’s coming. “To keep good at my job is to keep relevant with technology, I strive to evolve with it,” said Earl.

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