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Staying Out of the Junk Folder: Why Segmentation Matters

Email spam is out of control today yet email is a powerful and instantaneous dialogue with players. So how can you build a dialogue with players if they “block sender” because your last email was boring and irrelevant?

To remain competitive, your email strategy is vital. While most marketers recognize the importance of email marketing campaigns, many are unaware of the best marketing practices. If you have found that your email marketing campaign is falling flat, it might be time for a new approach. One of the most important email marketing components is list segmentation. Here are a few tips to help you incorporate segmentation into your email communications.

Your Casino Customers Aren't All the Same

And of course you know that. While there may be a few demographics that tend to prevail, you have customers of all ages, from different zip codes, with different frequency and play levels. Let's say you focus on four types of customers. Most likely, these different types of customers are going to have different needs that you have to fulfill. It wouldn't make sense to send the same broad and generalized email to everyone. Instead, you should focus on creating at least four unique email messages, tailored to the needs and demands of each customer segment. While such a strategy requires more work on your part, your email responses should improve.

Your basic segmentation should consider slot versus table players and their behaviors.

Other considerations:

  • Mid-week versus weekend visitors
  • High frequency versus infrequent visitors
  • New players versus active long-term players, etc 

Generic Emails Don't Consider the Life Cycle

Unless your business happens to be new, your players are likely at different points of the life cycle. You have customers who are more prone to visiting, spending money and using your services than other customers. They are interested in specific offerings that will improve their next property experience. The emails you send to inactive customers require a separate message. They either stopped gambling, moved away or your competitors captured their business. You need to recognize they aren’t visiting and you want to ask them why.  Their offers could be an incentive to answer a few pertinent questions as well as a description of property improvements and changes. The life cycle approach in communications lets customers know they matter to you. You are appealing to them in a more personal matter.

To be most effective within the life cycle approach, you will want to further refine the segmentation using multiple categories.  You can start with the basics, such as game type, play activity, location, and last play date. If you are featuring a special seniors program, incorporate age into your selection criteria. Millennials probably are not interested in “The Wild Bunch” Wednesdays or bingo promotions and it is unlikely they will continue to read emails about such things.

Your Customers Will Become More Engaged

When you practice list and message segmentation, your emails become more relevant to your audience. You want customer engagement and interest in your email communications. You will gain a good reputation among your customers if you provide them with quality content on a consistent basis. Each time your customers receive an email from you, they won't hesitate to open it because they know reading the email benefits them. Emails reinforce your brand if you are delivering on the promise.

And finally, consider assigning different segment communications to different staff. This will allow them to focus their messages and become better stewards of the trust you are building with players. Trust and loyalty go hand in hand.

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